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    I want to know more about ACN and I want to become a ACN member. I need training first so I need some one help me.

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      Lei Say, I just started ACN and have some of the top earners in ACN behind me. Plz email me. I would be more than happy to help you :)

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    Hello, Leih i noticed your comment on here, so i was just making sure someone contacted you, if not feel free to email me at moc.o1521496889ohay@152149688982eca1521496889rgane1521496889les1521496889.

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    Sorry i meant Lei Say

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    I know about ACN my wife is a member and is trying to get qualified. Ido truly believe that this could be a great thing but she is under people who are not doing their part and she is kind out there just letting this potential income go to waste. I too would like to sign up, preferrably under her and have us work on this together on this. I would like to have someone help us who understands the company and could give us advice and training on how to gain business and maintain it. Thanks.

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    Hi everyone.
    Firstly I would like to introduce myself that I have signed up with ACN for quite a time now and is very much happy the way im doing this business and the earnings im getting out of it.

    It is hard to see people who have joined and aren’t getting the right potential of earnings that they should be getting just because of not getting the right training and the right way of explanation and possibly the cheapest style of presentation.

    If there is still someone out there who are facing this big issue in getting the right amount of training then here is the door to knock on and get yourself in, in a warm welcoming training session which will definitely be sufficient for you to succeed in ACN business.
    I will be providing you with a online training session, a step by step guide and way to succession programme which at your own ease you can view through after training sessions.

    We all of course want to have succession in a business we believe we can get something out of it but just sitting there and waiting for a miracle isn’t going to happen so come on, get up and believe in yourself and strive for the best of best the ability you have to succeed.

    If you want to get in touch with me, don’t hesitate in contacting and I will do my upmost best.

    Thank you.

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