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5 responses to “Is Amway A Cult?”

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    […] If you would like to find out more about strange goings-on within Amway, why not read this fascinating article entitled Is Amway A Cult? […]

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    […] and you can read Neil Davidson’s Explosive investigation into The Amway Cult by clicking HERE. The cult accusations also extend to the fiercely insular nature of the organisation, and the […]

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    Nice blog post here about Amway.

    After spending 2.5 years as a serious business builder in Amway, I would agree that the motivational systems are cultish. Not that it’s a bad thing. They teach you about goal setting, building your own business and pursuing your own dreams. That’s good.

    The problems stem from the mind control. You are encouraged to only hang around other Amway people, to avoid negative friends and family (even your spouse) and you aren’t allowed to talk crossline.

    In that respect, they try to control your mind. And while the books and tapes are good, they have cultish characteristics, too.

    I still enjoyed my Amway experience. But it took me almost two years to deprogram myself after I got done.

    Nice blog and nice post.


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    I had a person post a link to your site and at first I thought that it was merely attacking Amway as a cult…However, upon reading it in its entirety I realized that this was NOT the case at all. I am a member of an MLM (DynaMaxx) and I have tried a few others as well…

    I TOTALLY agree with your post and believe it to VERY fair toward Amway and any other MLM…I have seen some that buy every “motivational” CD, MP3 etc., to be quit honest I find these types to be SEVERELY lacking in having a firm directional compass…insecure people like this are EASILY blown around the world by any and every…”next big thing…”

    VERY good post…I agree totally!

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