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    i am a superisor and i have been a sucker in herbalife from 17 months have not recruited one active distributor i was jacked by my sponsor you think you can help me

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    Okay, I think of myself as an intelligent logical thinking individual. I was caught at a low point. Thinking I was going to lose my job, child going to college and recently divorced. I needed some extra money. I replied to the advertisment about working from home. I got excited about the venture of being a distributor from Herbalife. After going through their training and additional money, I am tapped out. In much of the training you go through there are additional expenses that are needed to continue to the next step. When I expresses this to the instructors, I was told to borrow from my 401K or use a credit card. They attempt to browbeat you into submission.

    After deciding that I could not afford to continue and did not want to continue, I contacted my coach who attempted to reprimand me. This person basically told me that if I wanted to continue to contact her. She was not there for someone that wanted to quit. When I stated that I wanted to return the products and get my money back, I was told I would have to sell the product and there are people that do very well at this and I am no exception.

    I want out. Momma did not raise a fool. I called my credit card company and expressed that I wanted to return the purhcases and was told that I could not.

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      Yes, if you are getting involved in an MLM or if you are helping others get into it, you should let them know there are aditional costs, because if your constantly throwing money into what was is marketed as a low cost start up business, then you are being deceptive.

      If people arehaving to dsell products just to cover the cost of petrol, leaflets, STS trainings and still working at a loss, that just becomes another waste of time.

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    I know a few people who sell Herbalife. One has been selling it for many many years and this person makes a TON of money. So much that this person posts photos on facebook of the bonus’ they make. One person had a $450k bonus. Anyways, I dont sell the product and honestly dont know if I would want to. Everyone I know tells me to ask these people I know to start selling, but when I asked them about it, they kind of shrugged me off as if they didnt want me to get invested in it. Honestly, I think the real reason they dont want me to start it is because they know that I will never make as much as they claim they make. I have heard some of the calls they make to their “Customers” and it sounds like a lot of BS to me. If I were on the other end of the line, not knowing who I was speaking with on a personal level, I wouldnt want to start a business with them. I personally know that Herbalife is a pyramid scheme. The more people you sell yourself to, the more people dish out, the more money You make. If you are the type of person who likes to do this to people who just got laid off, or dont really make that much money to begin with, then maybe Herbalife is for you. But if you have a good heart, you would not deceive people the way they do. I am only writing this because I have first hand experience with someone who works for the company and I hear the lies they are telling people over the phone to buy.

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    I am contemplating whether I want to give Herbalife a try. After reading these comments I am more inclined NOT to. The rep. that called me said there is not handling of products at all, that it is all done through the internet ONLY. And he says the customers are sent to me, I don’t have to go out calling people or trying to persuade people on my own. They will call me and I talk only to people that have already expressed an interest in the product. Does anyone have comments on this?

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      Sounds like a good supervisor – who is at a high level and willing to pass you leads that he is getting from the main herbalife website – as they only give them to people hwho have acheived a higher level – and that person wants you to take the local leads they are getting in your area.

      Thats of benefit to you as you will not have to spend extra time distributing flyers and trying to find your own customers. They sound like they are willing to help on three way calls too – so you can learn what to say.

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      @ dawn lash i have been in contact with online business systems and they told me the same as they told you. They say that if i follow their plan all would take care of itself and i am doing alot of research to find this to be true. I am leaning towards trying it out on a basis of an exact statement of start up cost, additional fees, and any thing else that is in fine print!

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    I just became a rep and this is no different than Mary Kay or Avon. You have to respect a company that believes in rewarding people who do the work. It is not a scam, the products work and the people on my team are genuinely intersted in getting people healthy one person at a time. You do not have to have people under you to make money, you can definitely make money by retailing the products which can all be done online without stocking up an products. All of my clients have had products shipped to them direct from the company. When I think of a pyramid, I think of corporate america which no matter how much or how hard you work – they will never pay what you are worth while you continue to make the company money espcially if you are in a sales position like myself. Herbalife makes it simple, you do the work, you get the pay – the reason why my Mentor makes $12k a month just under a year. Herbalife is also about building leaders – you have to want to become one if you want to lead people to do the same thing and yes, this is how you will grow your revenue, but it’s just like any other business. If everyone is making money – what’s the problem. It’s those people who sit back and think they do not have to work hard that will fail. Maybe the passion about the products doesn’t come across in your voice because you were in it for the money to begin with and it wasn’t really about helping people. The riches are in the people – you take care of the people and the money will come.

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      Very well said! I am a supervisor and my team genuinely cares about our clients as well as their results!! Not to mention the product is AMAZING!

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    @ tin very well said! i think imma give it a shot!

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    I have just started herbalife two weeks ago, it cost me £92 to sign up but in that I had a full product range to get me going, firstly try the products, they do work!! You feel great, they are easy and convinient nutrition, then you sell them to your nearest and dearest, they love them, you talk about it to people who ask you how your losing weight, they try them! In week one I had 7 people on the programme! I can imagine it will get harder for me, I really look after my customers, I follow up with them daily (free calls and texts on my mobile) so looking after 20+ will need good organisational skills, I research the products and nutrition and exercise daily so I can offer a wealth of info to my customers, I have a small office to work from which I share the rent with other distributors (£44 for a month, I have already made that in my retailing!), there I take my customers and dedicate a few hours of my time as I also have a full time job. All the talk on the web of it being a scam is crap!! I have had no experience of this, as long as your a genuine person, you have an interest in the health and well-being of others and your willing to put in that little extra customer service you will sell herbalife easily!! It also helps if your in a role where you will come into contact with people who will talk about thier weight/health/looks. I work in a salon and I love to train, and Im not a total airhead that will flog my customers off with mediocre advice, I do my research. Next for me is my recruitment of others, I already have plenty of ideas, and I will do it when I feel I am fully competent. Im not expecting to make millions, its simply an extra income that is easily achieveable for me right now, but who knows?!!

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    I don’t know the exact plan of Herbalife, but my China friend reduce his weight with 6KG in just 15 days.

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    The secret to making money with Herbalife is NOT selling the product.

    Instead you recruit distributors and encourage them to do the same. You build up an organisation of your own,

    Anyone with Herbalife should be able to work out the logic of this strategy.

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      My own experience with herbalife

      I’ve been a herbalife distributor since almost a year now. When I first joined it I was very enthusiastic about it but my parents were very skeptical. I payed if I remember well, 65$ as a start up fee. My goal is to get to 50% commission so I could get payed directly by the company. After joining, I found that it is not easy at all. I am not a people person and it was hard for me to go talk to people about this. I wanted to make sure I’m fully convinced of the authenticity of the products before selling them.

      So as for now 3 disadvantages stood up in my way from the start : the start up fee (which was fine with me but may not be fine with other people) and the fact that I couldn’t really get to a 100% proof that it is an authentic company. And the final one was that I encountered a lot of skeptical people on my way. And they were people who cared a lot about me.

      for the first obstacle, I had my own money so it wasn’t really a problem but it discouraged me when I saw my parents weren’t enthusiastic that I had to pay for the job before even getting money out of it.

      But I was willing to give it a try, so I could remove all the skepticism out of my way.

      first I personally took the products but not at daily basis. I tried the shakes at the nutrition club. I really like mixing the strawberry and vanilla.. It tastes good for me but some people didn’t like the taste. that’s a matter of opinion

      On the other hand there seemed to be 2 different realities. Some people really liked the products, other clients said it caused stomach aches, I still am doing researches about that, please tell me your experience with this!

      I tried the don quai, it calms and relaxes me when I’m stressed out and its really good for menstruation cramps and I didnt find any complaints about this.

      My aunt started taking the florafibre for digestive health and so far she really likes it ( as you see I am recommending this for my own family members and friends so I really wouldn’t wont any harm for them)

      I also tried the lift off energy drinks and the protein bars and I liked them.

      finally I consistently use the skin care products , I also gave out gifts and free facials so people would tell me their opinions and they all loved it. My mom uses the skin activator.

      I am now at 35% commission after on and off working with herbalife. I dont have lots of clients yet but I am not a quitter so I’ll give it another year. by the 1st jan 2014 I will decide if its good or not.


      skin products really work
      digestive health products seem to work just fine and they taste good
      energy drinks and protein bars work the same ans they taste good
      Don quai is awesome
      the shake tastes good ( although this is a matter of opinion) and my clients were losing weight right away
      I am now at 35% and looking forward to get 50% commission this year

      few complaints about the shake, they say it causes stomach ache but they are usually people who mixed it with milk instead of protein so maybe they lactose intolerant?

      Other complaints about the shake that it didn’t really work but these complaints usually come from those who don’t really take it as prescribed and don’t come to the follow ups

      I’m still not getting a lot of money out of it

      It requires hard work like any other job

      the Mark Hughes story is not clear ( do ur own research)

      It is kind of expensive ( a matter of opinion)

      solutions: I’m waiting for another year and I will tell you what happens. I regularly do my own research and take into account unsatisfied customers

      I do give discounts ( that goes out of my commission)

      Anyways I tried to be as honest as possible and to recall details of my experience with herbalife. I know one thing for sure. I am not herbalife . If it doesn’t work, I will quit it and stop recommending it but first as I said I’m giving it a full try

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    I read the article and comments and realize that Herbalife is good way of making extra money maybe doing for living but have one flop if you ask me and this flop is that you have to market only them and off course you get money for sale logic is there. And MLM is not bed thing is FAIR system my humble opinion. And i admit i was few times on seminars and they wanted me to recruit but this is not for me i love idea, system but products i simply do not like it and it hard to sell something what you don’t use and don’t believed. So everybody chose herbalife if you trust the product, use the products and you will devoted to them you will succeed. I wont with them because of reasons i write. But i find my project in which i see my self for me is best but for others maybe not. And with this accession i invite herbalife members to contact me because i see great great opportunity for you you are worth of gold and your line are worthed for you diamonds. I just ask you for the chance nothing else like you all asking for chance others. PLS email me moc.l1521366760iamg@1521366760procs1521366760ivle1521366760

    Thank you all and have a nice day.


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    Bottom line is that Herbalife does work. It is not for lazy people who want free money thrown at them. I attended a meeting where immigrant distributors shared their story of achieving the american dream through Herbalife. I having been born in L.A. broke my back for a whole year working for FUCKING fedex ground and only made 13k. These immigrants are making my yearly income in months. WORK HARD AND REAP YOUR OWN REWARDS.

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    Ok so I wanted to comment, I am an herbalife distributor out in LA. I’m a very skeptical person and had a friend, my upline/ mentor that started over a year ago. He told me when he first started to join him but I waited for a year. He now has over 100 distributors under him and he was very shy and awkward at times when meeting new people. He has done amazingly well and is about to hit the president’s team in a year and a few months.

    I finally decided to try it, I know I am not a sells person so I wasn’t sure if it was for me. I bought in at $65 and made it back within the first two weeks. I hit senior consultant 35% in my first month just hit Qualified producer 42% this month and am positive I will hit supervisor next month. I also have three distributors below me one just moved up as well.

    It is a business like any other business you have to put time and effort into it to learn it. You have to use the products you have to be a product of the product!! When I went home for the holidays I sold quite a bit just from people looking at me because I lost weight and toned up.

    You should be getting in the best shape of your life and in turn help others do the same. Everyone in the group I’m in moves up every month we have over 40 supervisors when a year ago there were none. Don’t just sell the product be a health coach and coach others into success. Follow up with your clients.

    Jane sorry to hear that there are a lot of people who have shady business practices. The team I’m with honestly care about their clients no lies to get people to buy. I feel if you have a great product that works you won’t need to lie that’s why EVERYONE!! in the particular group I’m in moves up and quickly because there is support and integrity.

    S Harvey that is TERRIBLE not a good health coach at all I’m sorry that was your experience. I just want to let you know that you DO NOT have to spend tons of money to move up. I don’t there are lots of trainings but we have conference calls and free trainings at our club. I can call any of my fellow distributors and they will take time to help me or answer any questions and they don’t get paid for doing it. Sounds like you just need more training and support. You can feel free to contact me if you have questions. If you reply I’ll post my email :)

    Good luck everyone

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    I joined Herbalife in 2007 and quit them in 2007. While I did use the products for awhile, and while I did lose weight, I wasn’t making money so I asked my mentor how to become successful. She told me that I could try advertising on free advertising sites and when I did try and it didn’t work, she said that the reality was that I needed a budget of at least $10,000.00 per month to launch an effective advertising campaign. Before I quit the company I told her that if I had 10 grand to spend each month I wouldn’t need to sell Herbalife products!

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    Invited to a herbalife meeting, came away really excited after hearing everyone’s success story, bought products for myself to try, which I can’t really afford but I felt nutrition is the way forward, I want to have a healthy lifestyle and earn money…. Now I’ve had a week away from ” the herbalites !!” I’m worried about starting the business. If distributing herbalife was so amazing wouldn’t everyone be selling it….

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      not everyone has the potential of during business I just start one month ago I already have 35% commission, and I have no downline yet, so far that’s my part-time job.

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    Is it really possible to earn money and how much can one earn for herbalife business opportunity

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    I am under someone how much do they get when i ?place a order or for every order I make how much dose the person get.

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    Hey everyone I tried herbal life with no success. I tried a different company with success.

    Watch “Infinity Downline – Powerful Compensation Plan” on YouTube

    If interested and want to join send me a message back and ill show you how :)

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    Hi everyone, I just bought some products to use, but the products are very expensive. Would it be best to become a herbalife distributor? Do you receive free shipping, once an amount it met? I was charged $80 bucks just for shipping. I want to loose weight and get healthier. I’m also with World Ventures, if any of you like to travel. http://lewisgandc.worldventures.biz/ or http://www.welove2vacay.com or email me at: moc.o1521366760ohay@1521366760cdnag1521366760siwel1521366760

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      Thanks for sharnig. Always good to find a real expert.

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    I am with Isagenix. Honestly, Herbalife has rebound side effects. I used in the past, and I gained 50 lbs after I stopped! Now, I am using Isagenix, which is not just natural denatured components, but it has a natural cleanse for life product that will detox your body. About mlm money matters, let me tell that Isagenix has one of the best compensation plans in the mlm industry. You can make more than $5000 in your first 5 weeks!

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    I was an Active World Team member in Herbalife. Owned a nutrition club for 3 years, built a good size organization of other distributors, worked my fingers to the bone 7 days and nights a week in and outside of my club running weight loss challenges and walking neighborhoods putting flyers on doors, visiting other business owners in my community to invite them to my club for a free meal, went to every STS and Leadership training and Extravaganzas, was a VIP at every one of them, spent TONS of money traveling to the events and on products to stock my club, lots of sleepless nights before I went bankrupt, Chapter 7. I will NEVER do something that stupid again. I do however, still use the products. They work very well for me and my family. For every successful person in Herbalife, there are many, many more that go broke thinking that they will get rich. It’s been 4 years since I closed the club, got a part time J.O.B. making more than I made in Herbalife, bills are paid, I have money in savings, some investments, a great credit score and now own 2 homes, 1 of those that is paid for and the other that only has 4 years till payoff! For all you Herbalifers that are going broke….there is life and hope after Herbalife. :)

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    I am a distributor in Durban, South Africa and first was a client. In these past 9 months I have made myself the product and my entire community has been amazed to the extent that they on it too, That’s how I grew in health, Nutrition and my pocket! Enough said. Go ahead and try for yourself people. Any negative remarks are only those who are not enthusiastic on staying healthy.

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    Herbalife is bull$hit.

    Brainwashed people at their lowest ebb finding comfort, camaraderie, and pseudo-success with a shady, slightly weird cult-like organisation.

    Lets look at the ‘facts’:

    – Nutrition: You wanna lose weight? Right, well just exercise and eat healthily. Period. You wanna use shakes etc? Go to a health food store, or online and buy the SAME STUFF for half the price!!

    – Money: You wanna earn money? I challenge ANY HERBALIFE distibutor, or whatever other bull$hit ‘level’ of arselicking crap they are at, to SCAN or PHOTOGRAPH PROOF of a regular income at the ridiculous embellished levels they are at. Go on, I dare you. I have put this challenge online HUNDREDS of times, and noone takes it up. All complete bull$hit.

    My experience:

    Herbalife twat: ‘I earn about 5k a month at the moment’
    Me: ‘Wow, show me a bank statement’
    Twat: ‘Nah, I cant. I keep all my cash in a shoebox’
    Me: ‘Oh, what in your mansion?’
    Twat: ‘No, I share an apartment with 5 others’
    Me: ‘Really? Wow. Well, I suppose you have a great car, then. You lot are always boasting about your cars’
    Twat: ‘Yes, I have a Bentley’
    Me: ‘Wow. Let me see the logbook, just to prove its yours’
    Twat: *runs off*

    So a guy that earns 5k a month, drove to a Herbashit event in a rented Bentley to give the impression that he was rich – HE WASNT, LIKE ALL THE OTHER POOR BA$TARDS!!!!!!!!!!!! He earns 5k a month, and lives in a $hitty flat with 5 other porr deluded cult-ridden sad sacks, who are convinced that one day they will reach the Presidential ar$e sucking ball-licking ultimate warrior bell-end elite squad of gurus and Jesus-like twat fucks of truth, earning 67 million a second. Or whatever other bull$hit they are on about.

    You wanna make money? You wanna get out of a rut?


    Work hard,from the bottom up.

    In September 2014, I lost everything. No money, no job, no bank account.
    Through sucking up the shit times, and looking ahead, and being positive, I now have a job overseas (well paid) a great life, lots of travel, and get rewarded for my experience and expertise. Suck it up people, and carry on!!! Oh, and also I lost over 15 kg, by eating good, and running. Thats it.


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