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    Respectfully Neil, Market America is not even close to being an MLM pay style. Amway is not an MLM. Amway is a network marketing company that utilizes a SEMI-FINITE pay system scale known as MLM. Market America is also a network marketing company. Unlike Amway, though, it utilizes a completely different pay system. In fact MA has the patent on how it pays out to it’s distributors. It is known as a BINARY pay system which is totally INFINITE. You continue to be paid on every person who is added to the binary tree, forever, regardless of where they end up. If I sign up today and I sign you up tomorrow you are in my generation and therefore i will get paid for your efforts. If 10 years down the road someone signs up in the line of my generation, even if it 100 rows after me. I will get paid 100% of the commission points generated. That’s what makes it completely different than an MLM. In an MLM you only get paid withing a designated amount of rows underneath you. In an MLM you can break away and start your own line leaving the person who signed you up to have to replace you. In MA you cannot break away from the tree once your in. I can go on and on. But MA is a vastly superior company because it has been designed to be. Can you buy and get cashback with other programs, like Amway? Well, in fact, yes. In fact Amway has tried to morph themselves into something more like MA because it had to. But because the MA system is patented they couldn’t copy all of it. Especially the pay system. Anyway, for you to say that MA is essentially an MLM is WAY off base. Simply because a company is known as a network marketing company does not automatically make it an MLM. By the way, all big company’s are in network marketing in one way or the other as this is the way to gather information and customers. Different companies simply do it in different ways.

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      Hi Bill D’Anna,

      You comment is quite good.

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