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9 responses to “Under The Microscope – The Market America Compensation Plan”

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    another scam from the bloodline of Amway.
    get a lot of people, make them work like donkeys and pay them as little as possible, 0.5%, what a joke.
    Why would anyone even consider participating in a binary system anyway, don’t people think anymore???

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      Please don’t take this as an attack, because that’s the last thing we need is people fighting over this stuff like little children (“my dad can beat up your dad!”), but it’s clear that you don’t quite have a solid picture of what the comp plan is, and this article doesn’t really help, to be honest. The 0.5% is just what we make on the cash back portion, which isn’t even part of the comp plan. The plan actually pays out 10-15% on the volume, and can pay out over 20%. I know people have lots of opinions about binaries, and I can only speak from my experience, which is very positive. It makes a lot of sense to me, but I’m always open to compare. Regardless, I wish anyone who is going after their dreams the best of luck. Unfortunately, in most MLM companies, the vast majority of people just don’t make it. That hasn’t been my experience, though.

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    looking into gettign on board with maket america. I am tryign to find out what your imout is to making money with them?
    Please, when you send emial put maket america in subject to make sure I dont’ delete your resonse.

    thnak you for your time………………..karen

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    I think Market America is better than most other multi level but I have found a new company that is much easier to do and the pay is beyond generous! Their are less than 5000 people in this company as of this date and you can make 10 000 a month well within a year.

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    This article is a good start to explaining the comp plan, but is still very generic and doesn’t really go into some of the differentiating points that make it doable for the average person. For example, when my customers shop from my portal, I have the ability to place all of the volume they generate down at the bottom of my organization. That means that my people not only earn checks based on the volume that comes from the distributors below them, but also from the people above them. In saying that, I must also say that they must still build two sales organizations, or legs, and I don’t EVER want to give the impression that you get something for nothing. I just find this particular piece of the plan to be unique and it’s helped me tremendously earn checks faster and faster, and help others do the same. I love our plan, and so far it’s the best I’ve seen. I have a degree is mechanical engineering, and have worked 5 years in IT and 6 years in mortgage lending, and I will finish up with my MBA in 4 months. I mention that because I love analyzing businesses and crunching numbers. The standard I use when looking at any business like this is the question – “How many people and how much volume do I need to create $10,000/mo?” I also look at the percentage of people in the company who are earning a professional income. So far, nothing compares.

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      I like positive attitude….I am looking at MA for the first time….How do you successfully push volume to your downline? Also, where can I get full comp plan description?

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    Don’t trust people. They may be able to greatness.
    Sometimes if you innovate, you are making mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and acquire lets start work on improving your other innovations.

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      ummmm…. what?

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    Take it from someone who knows and was skeptical at first, Market America/Shop.com works. I’ve been in 3 years and get regular checks twice a month and that doesn’t even count the cash back I get from people shopping through my portal or any retailing I may do.
    It’s absolutely the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my future.

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