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    […] more about Melaleuca’s products and judge for yourself. Discover how to Add 700 Reps to your business for […]

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    […] more about Melaleuca’s products and judge for yourself. Discover how to Add 700 Reps to your business for […]

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    […] more about Melaleuca’s products and judge for yourself. Discover how to Add […]

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    This is the 7th website I’ve come to looking for one, and the first that has even come close to being unbiased!
    – 2 of the sites were internet marketing websites “reviewing” Melaleuca to convince people that you must use internet marketing to be successful in Melaleuca, with extremely superficial reviews of the products, service, etc…
    – 2 were Melaleuca websites touting themselves as ‘review’ sites…
    – 2 was a customer complaint website- which was somewhat helpful- but every company that is relatively large is going to have complaints, so that provided a skewwed perspective as well…

    Thank you, finally, for an impartial review of Melaleuca…

    Fantastic job!

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    Hi! Thanks for the info. The only problem I would have with your review is that just Friday I had a rep for Melaleuca come into my home for her pitch. She stated, AND it is written in Melaleuca literature, that we shouldn’t trust other products because the FDA and the government doesn’t really keep a good eye on these products at all, so why should we believe that Melaleuca is getting special FDA watching? In their OWN book, The Melaleuca Wellness Guide, it states on page 41 “A product that kills 50% of lab animals through ingestion or inhalation can still receive the federal regulatory designation ‘non-toxic'” and “The FDA cannot require companies to do safety testing on their prsonal care products before they are sold to the public.” And the biggest one of all is that “No law requires manufacturers to list the exact ingredients on the package label.” So if this is true and they use it to out down other products, how can we as consumers believe that Melaleuca is being totally upfront with the public? They are claiming that most of what we use is harmful, yet they say themselves that there is no law preventing THEM from being dishonest too.

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    Just wanted to say that three impartial review is appreciated.I firmly believe in melaleuca products. There are always pros and cons, this was a fair evaluation. I have actually eliminated the need for meds on my prostate issue. And have no need for my prilosec prescription. Thanks again

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    At the end of the day, it’s about how everyone approaches what and how they purchase anything. I’m a Mela Leuca customer and will never shop anywhere else for products that Mela Leuca sells. Chief amongst them, the vitamins – they have been a tremendous help in getting me off my heart medications and anti-inflammatory. Mela Leuca actually encouraged me to bring all the ingredients and their scientific reports to my doctors before getting on their supplements – which I did, and all I can say is, I’m glad I’ve found much healthier alternatives for myself (and many friends and families around me too).

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    I have so far been very impressed with their products, melaleuca made a lasting impression in our daily life. My wife is a big fan of their Laundry products and personal care products. My wife noticed that after using the laundry soap the material felt softer and smells clean even when wet. I also love their access power bar, so far my friends and I have seen a very noticeable fats in my belly and arms.. Great difference in energy in and out of the gym.. Their bath soap is so amazing, it has a refreshing natural scent and it last Longer than any leading brands out there. I’m very confident w/ their products and they kept improving it to live by their mission… I’ve been with them for less than 2 months now as a direct customer, and I feel well cared for specialty their customer service.. It only took 2 phone ring and the call was answered. I am sold and hoping to get more of their wonderful products, Ohhh their shipping is really fast too.. Cons? – yeah one thing, it will be nice for them to have a retail store nearby.

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    I think I missed typed something about access ” my friends and I have seen a very noticeable fat loss” pardon me for my mistake. :)

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    I recently signed up to be a Melaleuca Customer. I really liked the claims that this company made. Like so many of us, I was looking for natural alternative to products that I buy, use and expose my family to every day. I am a responsible buyer when it comes to home products and wanted to try these products, deciding for my self instead of having some commercial brain wash me into buying their product only to be disappointed later. I purchased a variety of products to test, although a little skeptical at first, I use the products as directed on the package. To my surprise I was not disappointed in any of the products I bought. The Oral Hygiene products amazing! Proactive couldn’t touch my daughters problem skin the way theirs did. The Renew cream cleared up my eczema in 3 weeks, from dry, red, itchy skin to clear, soft, healthy looking skin, not spending a fortune like I have in the passed And the cleaning products; Mela-magic and Sol-U-Mel were everything they claimed and more! ( I own a cleaning business and can recognize a great product when I use it.) These two products cut my time in half.
    It’s good to be skeptical, question what you hear but don’t let it stop you from investigating it for your self. I am now a Marketing Executive for Melaleuca because I believe in these products and what they can do for others.

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    I was not happy with having to purchase a certain amount of money worth of products on a monthly basis so I stopped buying. I was happy with the household cleaners, but I bought the laundry detergent and my son is blistered from head to toe and I have a few spots :( Just test it first so you don’t end up the same way, we must be allergic to it and if we are more people might also be. I guess I’m still stuck looking for an alternative.

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      I’m also unhappy with the requirement to purchase a certain amount a month. It’s like demanding me to ‘invest’ in the products. I may eventually drop this whole thing.

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      Would you mind sharing what scent caused problems for you and your son? Me and my family have sensitive skin and if the scent free detergent is causibg problems for you, I’m wanting to stay away!

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    I too had dry patches of itchy skin from the laundry liquid so stopped using it, also the hand wash was drying. Only products I was happy with was the Renew products but because you had to buy so much per month it wasn’t worth keeping it going so it was quite costly in the end. Guess I’m still looking for natural safe products that are affordable.

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      That’s a wise answer to a tricky quoseitn

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    Do you people realize that these products are ‘concentrated’? You DO NOT use the same amount of the product as you would an ordinary product off the shelf. By using the concentrated product, you can control the amount of detergent you need.

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      Do you realize that If the product is that concentrated it comes with a corresponding sized dispenser type measuring tool? If it is that concentrated the measuring tool should be sized correctly.

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    I was actually looking for a side-by-side comparison between Melaleuca and Noevir skin products, but stumbled upon your site. Very informative, thanks.
    I’m a Melaleuca customer and some months it’s trickier than others to *find* my 35 points, but I can usually do it quite easily. I haven’t found any other product like Renew to help clear away the eczema around my eyes. Renew clears it right up, so it’s worth it just for that. Most months I fill in the blanks with the shampoos or soaps, or other things we’ll definitely use up.
    I stopped using the laundry detergent because it may have exacerbated the eczema (not proven, I was just on an ‘elimination’ streak trying to figure it out, and started using Charlie’s soap instead), but I do use the dryer sheets for blankets and towels and have no problem.

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    In reference to the couple of people above who do not like some of the products: REMEMBER THAT MELALEUCA AS A SATISFACTION GUARANTEED POLICY. The
    Customer Service Department is absolutely awesome in doing all they can to ensure your
    satisfaction. So Please don’t hesitate to call them. I’ve been a preferred customer since 2004. I love the products and appreciate the ethics the company uses. They don’t use hype. They encourage their marketing executives to also not use hype and not to over promise. After using the products for so long, I’m totally confident in them and the company.

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    Melaleuca sells some of the BEST products in the world! At least from my point of view. I cannot forget the suffering I use to see in my home because we were using unknown chemicals that use to trigger allergies with my wife. On my son’s soccer team most of the kids have onset asthma….not mine…why? Because we are taking the necessary steps to reduce indoor air quality in our home. According to the EPA it is a danger to our health.

    I believe someone with an experience is never at the mercy of someone with an argument. Experience is the best teacher

    The Wellness Team!

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    I have been a Melaleuca customer for over 6 months now. I can tell you I did the research on most of their products. First off I want to say that the pricing is still worth it compared to retail stores even though you do have to pay a nice lump for shipping. I personally have not had any allergic reactions to any of the products.

    The food/nutrition products are not healthy at all, the ingredients are carcinogenic and have a lot of soy in it and the people that have done research( 2 years personally) on soy know how bad it is for you. Some of their vitamins have titanium dioxide which is toxic to the nervous system and has been know to affect your mental status. Some vitamins are good like the fish oil, that is about all I get.

    The main reason I am with them is for cleaning products. The price is cheaper and I can get it at home. Now they state their products as being healthier for you and I have researched this. First off their cleaning products are proprietary and they will not let you see the exact makeup of ingredients, yeah I know this means they could at rat poisoning for all I know but I have not diet yet. Since I know other people that have been using their cleaning products for a long time and they don’t have any health issues I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt. Now a lot of their soaps and hair products are bad for you, yet probably a slight better than the generic/name brand products from retail stores. The use certain ingredient names that have the same chemical makeup (according to the CAS system) as the touted bad chemicals in the name brands. Kind of like all of those brand names that say “no trans fat’ but now they use interested fats ( which are proving to be worse and proved to be just as bad as trans). So I think they are a little deceiving in that way.

    I personally don’t plan on doing any of the marketing and have no reason to tout or harp on their products. I have done the price comparison and some of the products are slightly more healthy for you. Cheaper price with possibly healthier products. Yeah the 35 points thing is a bummer, but they do give you loyalty shopping dollars which are like rebates.

    Their customer service is great though, only had one issue and that was fixed amazingly fast. The only point is that they hide their information and customer service won’t give it up, company policy I guess(proprietary BS). Worth the cost, over exaggeration on the wellness though.

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      Fantastic comment! Thanks Ken.

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      thank you for you honesty. I have had my doubts as well and you pretty much hit the nail on the head with all I’ve wondered or were concerned with…

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    I started on January of 2013 and so far I am very happy with Melaleuca. Laundry Detergent is exceptional and the smell. I love the desinfectant which is made of Thyme oil and lemon and doesnt have the harmfull quimics of Lysol. Baby products which after I read the sue that Johnson & Johnson have and still not taking away their products from the store. The more I read about the toxins products I used to buy the more happy I am I found Melaleuca!!!

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    If you are looking for quality personal care and cleaning products tat are safe and free of harmful chemicals, such as PEGS, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, fragrance, triclosan, GMOs, gluten, and much more, you should look into Ava Anderson Non-Toxic. No animal testing either! To learn more, go to http://www.AvaAndersonNonToxic.com/marymary

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    I have been using Melaleuca for 20 years. I don’t sell Melaleuca, but I occasionally recommend it and enroll customers just like I recommend other products and services I use such as restaurants, groceries, playgrounds, etc. I recommend it because I trust it. It has increased my family’s health in a number of ways from relieving allergies, ADHD, leaky gut, lowering cholesterol, reducing arthritis pain, calming depression, increasing energy, and cleaning our home.

    What I have to say about ordering as a preferred customer with a min of 35 points, is that if you convert your home shopping to Melaleuca it will never be a problem. Everyone brushes their teeth, washes their clothes and dishes and hands and hair and body. Some of us get the added benefits of supplements. Whether we were a family of 2 or now a family of 8, we never have a problem with points. If you don’t like being a preferred customer ordering every month to receive the 30-40% discount, become a Direct Customer and order what you want when you want. The discount is given to those who regularly order as incentive to help them with low inventory and predict ordering for fresher products. There’s no evil scam in that. It’s good business practice. It works, because they’re a debt free company.

    Not sure if Melaleuca is right for your family, just try it out yourself instead of reading online about it. Everyone has an opinion. Buy it, try it, and if you’re not sold – get every single penny back from Melaleuca because of their 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

    That’s the truth about Melaleuca. It’s a good company doing good for the environment and in our lives the best they know with the best they can find. You find better than that, then let me know!

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    Does the Melaleuca herbal shampoo with wild cherry bark and rosemary, help wit hair loss? Thank you

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    Dear Melaleuca company I have only ONE thing to say…I called them today as they don’t list their EXACT ingredients on their product and they couldn’t (don’t have to) tell me, so what are they hiding and why?!!!! Oh yeah the trade secret!!! So how am I, a person with a severe allergy to a certain preservative to know, I can use it? Oh the rep told me to tell him what am I allergic to! Really? And you will then tell me, that your product for sure doesn’t contain that right? I don’t think so! Unless you can give it to me and guarantee me, that your product doesn’t contain it, I would not buy it ever, not to mention your shady practice of hiding ingredients…do you have a reason hiding behind “trade secret”?!!!

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    I called Melaleuca this week to get information on their calcium supplement. The label states “calcium (as calcium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate, calcium citrate, calcium gluconate, calcium amino acid oligofructose complex)” but does not specify how much of each. I was directed to the Product Information Department. That department person said they had been asked this question before and the question had been referred to Marketing. I was put on hold briefly then told that Marketing had not responded to the question. They cannot answer the question! I am interested specifically in the amount of calcuim citrate as it is the most easily absorbed. I have been a Melaleuca customer for over 20 years. This makes me very disillusioned with the company! Why can’t they answer this question?

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    I have used multiple melalucea products over the past15 years. The one try and true has been the melagel. I carry it in my purse, have one a work and one at home. Grandkids call it “grandma’s magic salve”. It takes the pain away immediately and promotes healing. On burns pain is quickly gone and now scars on the burns I had with blisters. Recently I used the melagel on a site on my chest and broke out in a burning rash within 2 hrs. Stopped using and it took 2 days to clear. LAst night I had a spot on my neck and used the oil and had same reaction. Now, I cannot use bandaids on my trunk and have adhesive sensitivity at “tnder sites but no problems with feet, arms and hands. Just be sure to check for sensitivity of product, everyone is different.

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    Melaleuca has patents on many of their products and like every other patent holder will not give out their patented formulas. They can however tell you if a certain ingredient is in the product – just like they said. It is not a problem of hiding anything, it is protecting the products from copycats. Melaleuca has a team of scientists who test every product to be sure it is safe for you and your home. I have been using the products for four years and have seen great improvements in my health, skin, and energy level. I have lost weight with the products and would never even consider being without my products. I am single and have no problems using way more than 35 points each month because I do not buy any product that Melaleuca manufactures from anyone else. I am brand loyal to Melaleuca, not a company where I have to worry about what ingredients are in their products or where those products are made, or even how long they have been sitting on shelves in warehouses.

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    Our family has used these products for 19 years. Excema, psoriasis disappeared.
    We have found the supplements life changing. I had a whiplash from a car accident and their replenex stopped my pain. We highly recommend them. We dont understand any controversy, If they work for you use them. They offer us a garantee if not satisfied for any reason they would refund us.

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    I have been a customer for 3 years now will never use anything but melaleuca products ever again i use all the products do not have to use inhalers anymore for asthma do not have to take blood pressure medication since i have been taking vitamins per my doctor ..

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    Hi there,
    Thanks for all the reviews. I have been using Melaleuca now for about 2 years. I enjoy using all their products. I used to use one of the very popular laundry detergents before and didn’t kinow why I felt some kind of heat coming from my comforter. I switched and am using Mela Power and am sooo happy with it. I am a regular customer and shop every month with Melaleuca. I also use the Tub and Tile and look forward to cleaning now. I can spray and stay and not spray and run. I have also tried their Sei Bella beauty products and it works for me. Look it, all you have to do is try the products, if you are happy, be a happy customer and if you want to become a Marketing Consultant and use environmentally friendly products in your home for you and your family, then you can do that too. This way you have tried the products, you would have had the chance to experience them and then share that with the world and Melaleuca will pay you just for doing that. Have you tried Melaleuca yet, please give yourself this opportunity, you owe it to yourself don’t listen to negative comments, do your due diligence. Thanks:)

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    I find the MelaUp 1000 is great, after drinking a few bottles I find my finger nail gets healty already.

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    I love Melaleuca products. The cleaners don’t burn your skin or eyes. I don;t break out into a rash with the detergent. Yet it works on tough dirt. And I do feel better from taking the performance pack. My BP and Cholesterol numbers are down. So I will keep using them. And my sweet mother feels better from the stuff she takes. I can say I have wasted a ton of money looking for something to help with plantar foot pain and It is gone to. All I know is you should try it and see if it will work for you. It has for me. Happy customer.

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    All i know is my allergy symptoms, watery eyes and wheezing have gone away since i threw everything away and replaced it with melaleuca’s cleaning products.

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