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    Thanks for the write up :)

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    Thank you — This was just the type of balanced, clear information I was looking for.

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    Fraud, Scam or whatever people say really doesn’t matter. Or maybe, people don’t read the “out clause” or terms and conditions before signing their name on the dotted line. It does not matter. Here are the Facts about Melaleuca, they sold over a BILLION DOLLARS last year worth of products, so people must like their products, right? Nowadays, no matter what business you go into, it’s products, products, products.

    Pyramid systems have been outlawed in the US a long time ago and they don’t even sell any products at all. Melaleuca has over 350 products. Don’t let people mislead you; this is NOT MLM or no “break aways.” Melaleuca works because they don’t advertise and don’t have any distributors (buy products to sell). All we do is word of mouth advertising, you like the product you share it! In turn, we are paid just for referring people to Melaleuca and helping them register and that’s it! The savings in advertising is their revenue sharing program, simple. We have no inventory control, no billing, no carrying of products. We are paid on immediate commissions with several tiers of bonuses and handsome residual income, how GREAT is that!

    This is not a lottery, people work at it. If can find a system that will make you money without working for it, let me know, I’m interested. They have paid out over 2.8 Billion in commissions to regular people out there in the past 27 yrs. What is really great about Melaleuca is they genuinely want to HELP. This is Very Rare for a corporate identity. Helping people better their health; getting them out of debt; having a good personal life and preserving our environment for our children, is that a BAD goal to have?

    This is more than a business for most of us. You really have to experience Melaleuca, and when you do, you too would fall in love with them, just like the more than 850 thousand families that have joined them. Sorry, but it’s hard to find sad story’s telling lies here. What you will find are people’s experiences in how lives have changed because of Melaleuca. If you have time, take a peek at this.

    A Successful Melaleuca breeds successful people and it’s not too late to teamup with us. If you want to succeed and willing to work and if you think you are coachable, “We Will Help” because Melaleuca wants us to. We are just starting, when a laid off woman made about $ 84,000 in less than a year, you know it works.

    Facts are facts but if you have more questions, give me a call anytime; Tony 800-blah-blah.. If NOT, then, Good Luck on your travels and I hope you find contentment!

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    Put me on the email list. Thank you.

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      Danny if you are interested in learning more about the business please contact me any time. I will be happy to talk with you. It really is a great company to work for.

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    I am a preferred customer with Melaleuca. If you don’t want to buy products each month you just pay about $50 and get a certificate that can be used to buy products later. The company does not send you products you don’t want. I often don’t order monthy but get the certificate credit. I save sales tax and shipping charges this way. I send my niece the laundry products and she loves them. I get a small check monthy on what I purchase and I also get loyalty dollars. Monthyly I get their vitamins and NutraView, for eye health with just lutein. It is the only eye product I know of that doesn’t have extra vitamin A plus other vitamins you already get. Vitamin A can build up in your system so getting too much isn’t good. Since I’ve remained very healthy, I continue to use the vitamins which I need monthly. If you don’t want to use their vitamins, then you need to evaluate joining.

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    I think it is a scam when you leave melaleuca and they continue to charge you over $11/month for MyMelaleuca. Nowhere on the site does it say “here is how you leave” or tell you how to do so. They bury all of the ways of getting out deep inside their beaurocratic red tape. And so now I am our over $55 that they refuse to refund. They make joining a great deal easier so beware.

    I feel scammed!

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      You could have called the company directly and I’m sure they would have straightened that out for you.

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      Andrew I’m sorry this wasn’t for you but you can call customer service and they would be happy to help. If you would like to see how things have changed and see if it is right for you now contact me on facebook and I would be happy to talk to you.

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    I am a new member and this really clear my doubts. Thank you.

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    I have been a loyal customer since 1992, and i have gotten maybe two back up orders because i either forgot to order was on vacation. My orders are over $100.00 per month mainly because my household of three uses the products. Because early on i tried to work Melaleuca as a business, and didn’t follow their business model i still get a small check each and every month!
    I can’t conceive of not being to get these wonderful products from this great all-American company that puts its’ customers ahead of their profits. All i can say is OUTSTANDING!

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    For anybody who wants to know about Melaleuca, or has any doubts about this company. Please e-mail me at moc.l1519586650iamto1519586650h@19x1519586650oilet1519586650. I can answer any questions that you may have about starting your own business.

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    MELALEUCA IS A SCAM!!! NO DOUBT – Please read below for an actual screwed up experience with them:

    My UNSUSPECTING ELDERLY PARENTS (under VERY LIMITED INCOME) visited their friend’s house only to find themselves in a Mela meeting. My (too) kind parents decided to do a ONE TIME PURCHASE of some items JUST TO BE NICE TO THEIR FRIEND THE HOST. UNBEKNOWNST to my elderly parents, they were signed up for automatic monthly delivery – which was NOT AT ALL was explained to them nor what they wanted – now they started receiving monthly orders with money coming out of their account every month.
    When I received the form, at the very bottom it says that any requests received after the 25th of the current month will be processed the following month… mind you I started to work on this the 28th. So I called to see what options there are so my parents do not have to LOSE any more money…
    When we called to cancel, this is what happened.
    3/28/13 Patricia/Melaleuca: She is not able to cancel the auto delivery without a written faxed request from the customer. Until that is received, they will continue to process order… and continue to take money from my parents account.
    3/30/13 Shawn/Melaleuca: He thinks they may be able to suspend or make changes on the order but he had to transfer me to another department….
    3/30/13 Lisa/Melaleuca: I was transferred by Shawn to speak with her who can help BUT she says they can NOT make any changes on the account either AND THAT the next order has to have 35 points to process so I can not even lower the total of it either. She says that there is no way to stop or suspend the next order until they receive the request via fax. She says whatever my parents signed (which they never got ANY COPY of it either – if there ever was) is legal and binding. I then explained that it cannot possibly be because they are NOT legally able to enter into an agreement because my father is mentally incapacitated AND that I have their Power of Attorney. She says that he is still legally responsible and that another order will come out which can not be suspended.

    The rep says, she NEVER signed them up for monthly auto delivery.
    Melaleuca says that the rep had them sign an agreement which my parents NEVER SAW.
    My parents said there are THREE OTHER one-time customers (besides them) that she is trying to cancel with Melaleuca for the same reason.
    These are the kind of people that represent this company – which is obviously not far from the kind of company that they are… VICTIMIZING UNSUSPECTING ELDERLIES!

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      I am a Melaleuca Rep. This is the fault of the Rep. either now knowing what she is doing, not explaining things well, or running his/her own scam.

      There are 2 forms to fill out. A product application, and a Rep. application. Both applications are a 3 part forms. One part goes to the customer, one part is faxed in and should be DESTROYED after, and the 3rd part with no credit card number or ss# (for the Rep. form) is kept by the Rep. If your parents didn’t get their copy or copies, you need to get that from the Rep. She should NOT have further access to that sensitive information after turning in the information to the home office and destroying that copy.

      The Rep. form does NOT have to be filled out. However, unless your parents don’t want to give out their ss#, we do encourage people to fill out the Rep. form in order to get a check each month when other members are placed in their line. They DO NOT have to open accounts for people, or run a business in any way to get this. If they do not fill it out, they do not get a check. The Rep. gets no more or less in his/her check if they do this or not.

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    Bernadette I am sorry to hear that your parents were in this difficulty, it is always a worry when taking care of elderly parents but it is obvious from your description that it was not Melaleuca that was at fault here but the rep.

    For the “rep” to say they never signed anyone up for a monthly auto delivery is very misleading. Melaleuca does not have auto-ships but only will send your back-up order (which you can choose) if the customer forgets to order that month. The “rep” MUST have known that you CAN NOT sign anyone up with Melaleuca for a one time order. So if they say they did that for 4 people then they (not Melaleuca) scammed their customers.
    If Melaleuca has a copy of the agreement with your parents signature on it then they must have seen it, but again the “rep” is instucted by Melaleuca to give them a copy of what they sign. So again it was the “rep” that did wrong not Melaleuca The reason I keep writing “rep” is that there are no “reps” in Melaleuca as they can’t sell the product themselves. They are supposed to market the company under Melaleuca’s very strict rules. The person who did this to your parents and their other guests either did not bother to use the masses of training that Melaleuca has, or did the training but decided to make up their own rules. Melaleuca can only try to train people properly and to give them exact guidlines but unfortunately they con not control what some people decide to do in their homes.
    My suggestion is to call them back and ask to speak to a supervisor, explain the health issues, maybe you can get them to allow you to send the last order back for a refund. My experience with their customer service has been excellent, especially when my mother also got mixed up.
    Good luck.

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    […] Is this a scam? No. Read about that here! […]

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    It is no scam. The back up order is clearly explained in the contract and it is clearly stated how to suspend your account, Download, fill out the forms and mail or fax them in. Case closed. Unfortunately, this is the reps fault for not explaining, but it is not the company’s fault. They have not hidden anything.

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    As far as cancelling your melaleuca account, you can do so online now not just writing. I have helped three people cancel due to financial reasons at the time and had no problems at all. It does have a lot to do with the rep that represented it, but Melaleuca is a wonderful company with great products. I use them for my child who has autism and I have noticed a difference. Just for those of you that ever need to get someone to cancel or cancel yourself you just go to http://www.melaleuca.com/suspendbenefits That simple!!

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    I very quickly realized I could not use enough products to afford the 35 points every month so I cancelled. It was very easy and straightforward to do so and my rep even called me to see if there was anything she could do to help.

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    Melaleuca is FAR from a scam. I have been a customer for 11 years. I have not built the business part of it, but I have told a few people. Over the last 11 years, I have made around $8,900 just having told those few people. You get out of it what you put into it. The corporate business world would have you believe it is a scam because all the money doesn’t flow to the top like traditional businesses. This is a whole different business model that doesn’t support only the top 1%.

    Aside from that..the products are second to none. When you can get products that have healing properties in them and you aren’t poisoning your porous body with the chemicals, you are doing something right. Lastly, as a testament to the products. I had 3 little children on a nebulizer because they had “asthma” it wasn’t asthma at all…it was the chemicals I was cleaning with! Go figure..

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    They have a 60 day money back garuntee even if you use the whole product do they not?
    I think a lot of people’s financial problems could be solved if people just switch where they shop.

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