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    […] For a more detailed review on the Melaleuca Business Compensation Plan, specifically all the bonuses, click here. […]

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    You have explained a good deal of this correctly, but the information is wrong in several places. First paragraph: You earn BETWEEN 7-20% on your new customers purchases, depending upon how many personal customers you have referred. You need to have referred 20 customers to earn that 20% each time they shop.
    Limiting your “down line” to 7 generations means that you will only get paid on up to 90,000+ customers….that will help pay for a bag of groceries or two!
    Wrong on the Quality customer bonus – you do not have to wait for this. It will be in your next check, sent out on the 15th of each month.
    Leadership Development Bonus – has nothing to do with # of directors…You are paid 1/2 of their bonus every time they advance, as long as you are at the same of higher status. The rest of the information printed on this is off target. It’s as simple as stated here.
    And then there’s the Car bonus, Leadership Pools, Pacesetter bonus, and more. It all boils down to referring customers and helping your team to do that same. And yes, we are not paid to recruit others – this is a consumer based business model, unlike most MLM’s.

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    hello how do you make money in this company trying to understand help

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      Hey Annette,
      I noticed that you were interested in getting involved with Melaleuca but no one has replied to you. Feel free to call me at 954-226-8509, or e-mail me at moc.l1521496447iamto1521496447h@48n1521496447ospik1521496447c1521496447. Even if you’re not in Florida, I will be able to assist you and tell you all about the company.

      Thank you,

      -Kipson R. Charles
      Marketing Executive

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    I’m sorry, but although there is a lot of good information in this article about Melaleuca’s compensation, there are quite a few glaring mistakes. Please consider the information here as an introduction, and not at face value. I’m in my early 20’s and have been with Melaleuca for a couple of years now. I’m earning a check every month from them since I decided to build a business. The company is great to work with and have helped me in tremendous ways! I will stick with them for the rest of my life because they will be around and grow bigger than ever!

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      Are you still with them and how are you doing monthly. I’m interested in this business

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        I am a very happy customer of Melaleuca and have earned around $500 in 7 months of being a customer just from referring 11 other people to this great company. I get feedback constantly from the 11 customers with rave reviews about how great the products are. I am also enjoying everything I have bought. My residual income per month now is around $60 just for helping people shop and shopping myself. I wish Walmart would do this. :) Feel free to email me at ten.e1521496447vasdn1521496447apohs1521496447@einn1521496447or1521496447 if you would like to connect with me. I can open up shopping accounts over the phone for people in under 15 minutes. Many times they have special deals where you can become a customer for only $1. In fact, all 11 of the customers I have referred have become customers for $1 for the first year. Customers can just be happy customers or they can refer other customers as well for no extra cost.

        Here is the compensation plan in a nutshell:
        1. Become a customer yourself and purchase at least 35 points of product per month which is between $50 and $60 (around $70 after shipping and taxes). Customers who choose to purchase this amount every month get 30% to 40% off regular prices of the products, $100 worth of free products in their 2nd through 6th months of consecutive ordering and 10% back from product points after that ($3.50 off a 35 point order) to be used for future purchases, and up to 15% cash back at over 650 online retailers, hotels, and rental car places. For instance, I get 10% cash back at Office Depot online and in the store off regular prices and 1.5% cash back from Newegg. I wish I would get discounts for going to Walmart every month. :)
        2. Refer other customers and you get a $25 referral bonus for introducing them to the company’s products.
        3. Each month after the customer’s first month, you will get 7% (about $2.50 per person) of all your referred customer’s product points each month if you have referred less than 8 customers, 14% (about $5 per person) of all your referred customer’s product points if you have referred less than 20 customers, and 20% (about $7) of all your referred customers product points once you have referred 20 customers or more.
        4. There are bonuses for when you refer 8 customers ($100 at any time, $200 if you do that within the first two months of becoming a customer).
        5. There are also other bonuses for helping other customers refer 8 customers as you continue to refer customers, but I just wanted to give the basics as a starting point for anyone interested.

        The key for me is to be a happy customer and inform others about the company so that they can make an informed decision.

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          Great explanation, I have a friend in Arizona who does great with Ameriplan and now does Melaleuca

          Have you considered promoting the products and recruiting?


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    Me too, I have been with melaleuca since June and I just achieved a status of a Director last August. Awesome company to be with. With only $29, you can become a preferred customer and start shopping and enjoy your $24 monthly free products for 5 months. My first check was $67, $426 the 2nd month and the third month, I got $121 because I only referred one friend. The more you share it with others, the more money you’ll receive from melaleuca. Bottomline? The products are effective as the company claims! So glad I gave it a try. Find out for yourself by watching these links:



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    Great company to ad to my online business … I would like to give free 30 day tour of my Travel company …



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    Not worth it..they left out the part you have to order 35 points each month as starting…as you increase in rank so does your points..they say $50 a month to reach those points..ha! what a joke..we quit after three to four months..we practically was starting a stockpile..and you run out of things having to order when you don’t want or do not like any other products on there..don’t get me wrong..we had our people and got the pacesetter bonus check..but i believe if you own a business, then maybe this job is perfect for you..as a ordinary person trying to start it as a side job…well..if your able to set some hours after work and get in gear..go ahead..best wishes….the only thing i miss about this is the pre-spot solution

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      You will notice in my comment about three above yours that I explain the 35 point order. Melaleuca has made great changes in the last few years. The point requirement to get your check does not change until after you are Senior Director which means you are making quite a lot of money with Melaleuca by that status. Also, I don’t see how any individual or family can not get 35 points per month easily. I have a family of four and find myself purchasing over 50 points per month just for basic necessities. They have added over 200 great products to their manufacturing list since 2010 which makes it very easy to order. Someone would have to purchase 35 points per month for over three years before repeating a purchase now. So, stockpiling would only happen if someone just likes a certain product and never wants to try anything else. I have noticed for me and customers I have opened up shopping accounts for that if we try a different product, then we never want to go back to the store brands we were buying due to the quality of the Melaleuca products. I am literally a Melaleuca home now and it is not because I make money with them. That is just an added bonus. I would be a happy customer if they never allowed any profit sharing. If people try the Melaleuca products they love them and never want to go back. I have noticed from talking to people who were customers a long time ago that it was more difficult to get 35 points per month, but now because of their expanded product line and even a complete cosmetic line that is much cheaper than department stores, customers have no problem getting 35 points per month as long as they don’t mind branching out and trying new things once. Also, the invention of their supplements and nutrients using patented Oligo make getting 35 points per month easier than ever for someone wanting to stay healthy. Just their monthly supply of Vitality Pack is only $19.99 and worth 15 points. Please, email me at ten.e1521496447vasdn1521496447apohs1521496447@einn1521496447oR1521496447 if you have any questions, and I would be happy to help you. Take care.

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      Hi, I have joined a couple of times. I am not part of the company right now bit I love my Melaleuca products. To reach my 35 points which with shipping was anywhere between I’d say $70 to $80 a month I always purchased my very much missed probiotics and multivitamins. The cleaning products last a long time. My family loved the before work-out bars (forgot name). So the point is that it was easy for us to reach our 35 points alone with the vitamins and nutritional supplements. It was always under $90. I could have easily spent more because of all the products they offer. They have products for pets too.

      I think I might join again ( :

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    I have been with Melaleuca for 3 months now and I love it! I really love the products. I went to a wellness seminar in someone’s home and was sold instantly. My husband was kind of shocked that I would sign up for something like this until I explained it all to him. He thinks it’s fantastic! While I have not enrolled many people, I would continue to purchase from Melaleuca indefinately. The products are fantastic! I am converting my entire home to a Mela home, and I’m actually saving money. The compensation plan can sound a bit confusing, but it’s actually quite simple. I attended a convention in Chicago last weekend and was absolutely floored by the amount of people making $20K to $30K a MONTH! It’s just as simple as telling your friends about something new that you’ve bought. It’s human instinct to want to share great deals and new things. The only difference is that Melaleuca will pay you to do it. I love it.

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    I have been with melaleuca for 7 months now. My friend used to give me products and I finally signed up after several years. I never have a problem meeting the points requirements and I can’t say one bad thing about the products I just love them and I truly believe in the products and the company . Who doesn’t want to use healthier products in their home and on their body. I can’t say enough about Renew body lotion, cleaning products , essential oils etc. if anyone is interested in signing up you can email me.

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