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    […] reps generate high levels of business and profits. Melaleuca takes a different stance. President Frank L. VanderSloot has a strict policy on misrepresentation- any exec caught misrepresenting Melaleuca will be thrown […]

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    I am hoping to reach Mr. Vandersloot, My name is Wendy Harrison and I am living in a house on some land that he just bought, i am hoping he will let me continue to live in the house, is there some way to get in touch with him?

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      We are not affiliated with, nor do we personally know, Frank Vandersloot, or anybody else featured on this website. We simply provide impartial information on them and their businesses, so that people can make up their own minds about them. If you would like to contact Mr Vandersloot, or anybody else featured on this website, we suggest you visit their personal websites and acquire the contact details from there.

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        We delinitefy need more smart people like you around.

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    […] Frank L. VanderSloot- The Man Behind Melaleuca Inc. | ExplosiveMLM.com […]

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    […] Frank L. VanderSloot- The Man Behind Melaleuca Inc. | ExplosiveMLM.com […]

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    […] more about The Man Behind Melaleuca Inc at ExplosiveMLM.com. Find out how to Add 700 Reps To Your Business For Free! <param […]

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    Please, please forward this to Frank and Belinda. Thanks.

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    Dear Frank,
    Thank u of setting up the company of Melaleuca.
    On behalf of my team from Taiwan, SF & NY of USA, we love you and please keep it this way as long as you can.
    Your follower

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    […] more about The Man Behind Melaleuca Inc at ExplosiveMLM.com. Find out how to Add 700 Reps To Your Business For […]

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    … bigots, are bigots, no matter how successful they or their companies are … money is power and power protects money … his willingness to stomp somebody who says something he doesn’t agree with says what matters most about the man …

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      He is just standing up for truth.

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    Thank you for writing this article. I have been researching the company and Mr. VanderSloot. I found it helpful in drawing an opinion.

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    mr.Vandersloot respect people who doesn’t agree you, before you wanet take the stick in your neigbour’s eye take yours.

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      You may want to proofread your comments before submitting.

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    Spreading vindictive untruths about a person that you do not personally know is typical of you ubers. I guess if you can’t find anything negative about a conservative… you make it up!! Then you question why you can’t be trusted.

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      Spreading facts is not vindictive.

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    How shameful of you all to trash this fine man! You are exactly the kind of people that support a communist as president. I am now convinced to donate to Romney because your lies are are terrorism! How dare you!

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      Relax Jerry. Lol.

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    If you have never been to my house for at least lunch, you have no idea who I am. But if you take the time to know me and visit my house, you will have a different opinion of who I may be. The very same thing happens when you dont know Mr. Vandersloot. You have no idea who he is because you have not been to his house or around him and his management team. Once you do, you will think the world of him. The most respectfull, humble man I have ever met.

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    The truth of the matter is that Mr. VanderSloot has never made any bones about the fact that he is anti-gay marriage. It’s what his church teaches. So, he has his beliefs and lives by them. Personally, I believe in equal rights for everyone. Mr. VanderSloot believes the rights of some should be oppressed.

    With that in mind, Melaleuca is not a company with which I would associate. Yes, they have some good products. But building with Melaleuca means providing an income to Mr. Vandersloot and, through him, my money is being used to fund propaganda and push for policies that would deny the rights of others.

    As a member of a church that has seen it’s fair share of oppression, I find it ironic the followers now support the same kind of treatment of others.

    There are other companies out there with equally good, environmentally-friendly products that provide just as a good an opportunity for success. That’s the direction I’d take.

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    Taking a stand against gay marriage does not mean he is “Not So Perfect”. At least you had a question mark after the statement.
    Why support gay marriage??? It goes against God, Nature, History, The Will of the People, Worldview, and it is a dangerous and unhealthy lifestyle. So why be deceived and support it?

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