One response to “The MonaVie Scam: Is the Glitz and Glam Real?”

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    Team and Mona Vie offers nothing but empty promises, there so-called “opportunity” is nothing but a load of heaping bullhockey..Orrin and Chris are nothing but liers, cheaters and charlatans?there no better then Bernie Madoff..I hope the FTC and the IRS goes after them?cause when they do I won’t feel one bit sorry for them.. The people who write these blogs don’t understand about Team/ Mona-Vie, I used to be a distributor..there product is nothing more then over hyped, over priced juice, you can get the same kind of stuff at the supermarket..that is cheaper and tastes alot better… “Dick Hertz” is not my real name, it is my moniker. I can’t tell you my real name or where i live, but I can tell you is that..people like me know the truth, as ex-distributor i have many hours of digital audio recordings from the meetings and they keep repeating same crap over and over…it is a really poor business opportunity If i were you I’d use this blog to promote my own business and not Mona-Vie..

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