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    […] If you believe in the health benefits MonaVie can offer, and would like information about the compensation plan available to distributors, then check out The MonaVie Compensation Plan Explained – The Essential Facts Behind Making Money With MonaVie… […]

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    […] plan is often criticised for the relatively small returns distributors make in comparison to a binary marketing plan, for […]

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    […] The more people you add into your business, the more oppotunities to earn commission you have.  There are 9 ways to earn commission with MonaVie, and they are Direct Sales, Top Retailer Bonus, Bulk Order Bonus,  First Order Bonus, Star Maker Bonus, Team Bonuses, Executive Check Match Bonus,  Leadership Bonus, and the opportunity to earn Multiple Business Centers.  You can find out about all these ways of earning commission by reading The MonaVie Compensation Plan Explained. […]

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    […] beneficial that many other companies have started using the same model. The name for this plan is New Generation Binary; it’s basic structure is  made of just two legs that go […]

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    […] The New Generation Binary Compensation Plan […]

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    Mona Vie is definately a good business plan. But May i know about the side effects of the Juice which are the company executives sales. If any body has any side effect after drinking the juice, then what’s company did. Is that Juice is approved by WHO or any other approved organization. Please Reply.

    Harish Sharma

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    […] To find out more about the MonaVie marketing plan, visit ExplosiveMLM.com […]

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