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    thought that it was interesting–would like to know what you think of Shaklee vs Herbalife?

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    melaleuca obiously is better than herbalife. scientifically probe.

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    First of all, Shaklee is an MLM company while Melaleuca is a Consumer Direct Company. While they both have some products in common, to compare them is like comparing apples and beef! Despite their similarities, Melaleuca’s direct competition is Proctor and Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Lever Bros, etc. not Multi-Level Marketing Companies. In order to revenue share with Melaleuca you only need to purchase products you would have bought at the grocery store or drug store anyways, therefore it’s personal consumption rather than ‘front-end’ loading with product you have to mark up and resell. As for prices, you say ‘the companies are still relatively evenly matched in terms of price. Some products are cheaper with Melaleuca, some are cheaper with Shaklee’ All of Melaleuca’s prices, except for one are considerably less than Shaklee’s!!! The total of Melaleuca’s products are $94.00 while Shaklee’s products are $158.10 with a savings of $64.10!!! I would say Melaleuca, even at a ‘retail’ price offers products at a considerable savings compared with Shaklee’s prices.

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      Hi Theresia, thank you for your comments. Your comments about Melaleuca and MLM are interesting, and it is a question we have pondered ourselves here at ExplosiveMLM.com. You may enjoy reading this article entitled Melaleuca’s CDM structure – Is Melaleuca A MLM In Disguise?, where Judy Mila investigates this question, concluding that Melaleuca is indeed an MLM company.

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        How did you come to this conclusion Neil? In an MLM, everyone is a “distributor”- someone who is expected to buy and sell. Products flow through multiple levels of distribution- manufacturer sells to a distributor, who earns one level of commission: they sell the products to another distributor(who earns a different commission); and the end user (the customer) pays the retail price. To receive a money/check you must go out and “sponsor” someone. The sky is the limit on how much you can make on any single person and the more that single person buys, great, the more money everyone in the “upline” makes. They sell their business tools at retail so the people making them make $$. The business is based on volume.

        Melaleuca is a CDM (Consumer Direct Marketing)- there are no distributors, only customers- real people who really buy products they really need, products they use, run out of and reorder. Nobody is forced to buy more than they can use. No buying, no selling! To receive a money/check you just have to shop (you’ll receive it in the form of rewards, kind of like you would get from using credit cards, only a much higher percentage) and/or recommend someone shop with them. Melaleuca limits the commissions paid on customers’ purchases to 150 product points per month, protecting all of their customers as it is not right to encourage others to over-purchase products since they do not make a commission by doing it. They sell their business tools at cost. Products are their business, not the compensation plan. The business is based on consumption.

        Need I go on? I’m not sure where or how Judy Mila came up with her information, but it is false and she should not be spreading lies.

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          Hi Renee,

          Thanks for your input.

          MLM is not where “everyone is a distributor”, it’s a compensation model. You can have MLM’s where there are both customers and distributors. So, you can call it something fancy (Consumer Direct Marketing, Direct Sales, Peer-to-peer-direct-to-consumer-compensational-distribution model)…but’s it’s MLM. No shame – let’s just call a spade a spade :)

          We actually wrote a full article on that very question – enjoy!


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      I have to agree with Theresia. She is correct in that Melaleuca is not an MLM. I have meet several people in the MLM industry lately and have asked that very question. Everyone of them said the same thing. Melaleuca’s business plan is not structured the same way and is nothing like the MLM they have been in business with. As far as the pricing goes again I agree with Theresia. I’m not sure who is doing your math but it is clear Melaleuca’s products listed above are cheaper overall and there is a $64.00 difference. Maybe in your world $64.00 isn’t much. But its alot to me.

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      I agree!
      Well Said!
      There is no other company in the world today like it!
      Direct Consumer Marketing is the way to go!
      Let me know if you want to hear more.

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    […] Shaklee and Melaleuca are also involved in the war of the health and wellness companies. To find out how these two companies compare, read Melaleuca Vs Shaklee – The Battle Of The Brands. […]

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    I’d be interested to know if Shaklee is debt free and profitable; also if it is willable, transferable, and sellable???

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      To answer your question, yes Shaklee is debt free and is the only company in the US who has taken all of it’s profits and put them back into research & development. Also, yes to all of the above on being able to pass it on to someone else. There are a lot of things mentioned in this article that aren’t fully true about Shaklee and it appears that the person who wrote this is not a reliable 3rd source…do more research on Shaklee and you may be surprised. The compensation plan is crazy and just for the record…I’ve never sold a product at Resale prices, I simply send people to my website and they order from there. As I said there are a lot of things that aren’t true that are written in this article. I’m proud to be a Shaklee distributor and in my opinion, suckering someone to HAVE to make a purchase every month is unethical in every way possible!! Never with Shaklee are you forced to maintain any order commitments unless you choose to have products shipped to you…and there is a process to ensure that a person doesn’t accidentally commit to something they are not in a position to commit too.

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    As far as I know, Melaleuca tests on animals while Shaklee don’t which would definitely make Shaklee more ‘eco’ for me!

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      Melaleuca does not test on animals I have a written letter from Frank L vandersloot himself!

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      Melaleuca does not test on animals. Please do your research before making such accusation.

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      Shaklee does test on animals. I attended a meeting last night and the woman leading the meeting has been a Ex for Shaklee for 20+ years. She said that one of the new products they just put out was tested on mice.

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        Shaklee, DOES NOT test on Animals.

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      I much prefer companies to test on animals first before testing them on humans. From what I have read there is a HUGE difference in testing toxins on animals and checking to see if a dog shampoo cleans an animal’s fur. I understand that Melaleuca did the latter and didn’t engage in traditional animal testing where animals were intentionally harmed to see what level of toxicity they could take.

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    Kathy – the business is transferable/willable and the article says “Shaklee does not have dental products” that is false – dental product is called dentrifice on their website.

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    Some of your price comparisons really are not accurate. For example, Shaklee’s Basic H2 product is concentrated, therefore allowing you to add it to water.

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    Shaklee is always safe, always green, always works!! Shaklee is Debt Free, and also direct Sales Company. No inventory, no deliveries.

    There Are Many Ways to Earn in Shaklee

    Cars, trips, and, of course, cash. Cash in the form of FastTRACK bonuses, Power Bonuses (during your first 90 days and each time you achieve a new Business Leader rank), and more!

    * Because the Dream Plan is new, there are no average earnings by rank as yet. For the Business Leader ranks in the Legacy Plan, the average annual income in 2009 ranged from $10,629 for Directors to $598,037 for Presidential Master Coordinators. Average annual income for each rank is calculated monthly based on information reported on Form 1099-MISC for all U.S. Business Leaders who achieved that rank that month. The sum of these monthly averages is the figure reported above. Results will vary with effort. Shaklee Corporation does not guarantee that any particular income level will be achieved.

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    Melaleuca has never tested on animals, and many products are certified vegan.

    Comparing prices does not take into account: 1) Melaleuca products are so concentrated that one bottle of Tough-and-Tender makes 6 full-sized spray bottles of cleaning power; 2) Efficacy of the products found in both lines. For instance, Melaleuca has a patent on their vitamins, because the unique way in which the pills are constructed results in higher absorption of the vitamins and minerals, as well no free-radicals being created by interactions between the supplement ingredients while in the pill.

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    I’m sorry, but your information is WAY off base on Melaleuca. There is no way, in any MLM, to rise up to be a Corporate Director above the person who enrolled you who is still working very hard, as well. Melaleuca’s structure is more than just enrolling customer’s and business builder’s and you’re never left to fend for yourself. If you have people interested in the products or the business and cannot be available, a team member will jump in, help you and they will still be your personal customer or business builder. You are running your own Melaleuca business, but you are also part of a team that works as such.

    Also, Shaklee has stock holder’s and their main profits are paid there. Melaleuca profit share’s 51% of its revenue with its costumer’s and their business builder’s get even more than them as a thank you. There is no middle man. Therefor your opportunity in growth is that much larger. You also stated that in working in Melaleuca you make a 7% commission … To START … It grows as you grow to 20% and that doesn’t include all of the bonuses and the bonuses are HUGE and often. That makes the money you’d make in Shaklee far more prosperous by being with Melaleuca. Its all in the math. The businesses sound the same but they couldn’t be more different in compensation, products and in the value their customer’s get! Does Shaklee send its customer’s actual checks as a thank you? No. The answer is no … Shaklee does not profit share with anyone but its top line and stock holder’s. This is WHY Melaleuca is able to reward as well as they do. They are not just a wellness company with NON-animal tested products (I can’t believe I just read that, Mary) that work so much better than Shaklee’s and as pointed out by Theresia,but in WELLNESS it the products, the opportunity and in its mission. It really is wellness in mind, body and soul and risk free. Melaleuca’s prices are MUCH lower than Shaklee’s as their Windex substitute, for example, make’s 6 bottles and the member price is $5.69 … That works out to less than .95 cents a bottle!!!!!! Also, member prices are on an average 30-60% less than the ones you listed. Take Shaklee’s and then remember that their ‘distributers’ have to mark their prices UP to make a profit.

    Melaleuca also gives monthly business reports to all marketers. It is not an MLM just because a woman wrote an article saying it is. Is Netflix an MLM? Nope. The idea in sales is the same. No one is out selling Netflix but people shop online and now, even through their BluRay players, because they signed up for a Netflix membership. They agree to pay a certain amount monthly and deal directly through Netflix. When you shop with Melaleuca you shop directly with the Company like you do when you go to the store. All you’re doing is redirecting money you would be spending anyway. You make your own choices and it is consumer direct which also leaves you with PRIVACY.

    Some may say Shaklee’s proof is in it being a multi-billion dollar company. They have been here since 1950. Melaleuca began in 1985 with the message to enhance the lives of others. It does that in every way as it is now approaching its billion dollar mark,with several years of BBB awards like their HIGHEST Blue Torch Award, and the same goes for its years as an Inc 500 Hall of Fame winner. Melaleuca’s amazing products are proven to work due to their amazing and patented formula’s that are made right here in the USA. Their shoppers get amazing products, other offers and actually, as I mentioned, profit share as they save and help themselves and their families. The Company hasn’t had ONE lay off EVER. It is 100% debt-free … Also, all I’m writing is backed by PROOF (I could go on and on about product comparing proof, but I think I’ve made enough points in the differences).

    On that note, I wish EVERYONE with Shaklee happiness, health and prosperity. I really want the best for everyone. I just want the record straight here as so many believe all they read as facts when the facts are wrong. No offense, Neil, but when you’re stating facts you should know them before listing them. I was googling as I was curious what people had to say about this as I have met many people who left Shaklee FOR Melaleuca and I wanted to see what was said in conjunction from what they told me. I wouldn’t have written except you don’t know Melaleuca well enough to have advised as you did. You missed the mark too many times and people will believe what the don’t know …

    With respect, honestly, and a smile,

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    Just to clarify on the price comparison:

    Household Cleaners
    Melaleuca: Tough & Tender All-Purpose Cleaner. 16 fl.oz. $8.50 – makes 96 fl. oz.
    Shaklee: Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate. 16fl.oz. $12.50 – makes 48 gallons

    You stated: “Many of Melaleuca’s products are concentrated, or super concentrated, meaning less packaging, water and shipping is required, and all of their packaging is compatible with the majority of recycling facilities. Melaleuca also use reusable plastic bins in their manufacturing process and recycle what they can whenever possible.”

    As you can see from the household cleaners, Shaklee far surpasses Melaleuca in decreasing packaging. They even plant trees when you buy a starter kit of supply samples. Hope this helps your readers as well.

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    […] Read more about the battle between Melaleuca and Shaklee […]

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    There are mis-truths stated in the original article and some of the responses. I can clarify that Shaklee is privately owned and does not have shareholders. The company was public at one time but not since 2003. Distributors do not have huge inventories in their garages. They do not have to purchase at wholesale and re-sell. The H2 cleaner actually replaces thousands of dollars of Windex cleaner & costs pennies a bottle. If you only need 1-2 drops of H2 to 16 oz of water you add – how is that not super concentrated? Nutriferon & Immunity Boost probably do not have the same ingredients or have had the same clinical testing done on them so to compare them is inaccurate.

    My point is that when you post something on the internet, please check all of your facts or be very clear that what you are stating is your opinion! If someone were reading this, trying to evaluating both Mela Luca and Shaklee, and trying to decide between the two – both companies have been done an injustice. In my humble opinion, we have so much work to be done in promoting better living practices, we should be going after the big companies and lobbyists, not two companies who are trying to make a difference.

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      Jackie, I am glad you took the time to post the truth about Shaklee. I am amazed on how many statements in this forum about Shaklee are totally false. The price comparisons in the article are inaccurate since, like you mention, H2 offers thousands of dollars in savings because it is so concentrated. No company’s immunity booster product can compare to Nutriferon. I have never gotten sick when I am on Nutriferon, and I’ve been taking it for over three years. Prior to starting to take Nutriferon, I was sick with a cold every three months. It is a product that EVERY person should be taking. I feel the same way about LifeVantage’s anti-ageing product, Protandim. Amazing products!

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    Before I jump from Shakee to Melaleuca, I just hope a little more clarification. After reading preview posts, the only remaining concern/difference for me then is the origin of the nutritional products. Shaklee is very open about their ingredients. As noted in the ariticle, “Shaklee clearly differentiate between natural, naturally derived and scientifically formulated ingredients, and also show which category every single ingredient used belongs to. Melaleuca seem to be less upfront about their ingredient lists, and don’t make it clear what the difference between natural and naturally derived.” This, more so than the price difference in porducts, is the dividing point for me; you get what you pay for. Can any Melaleuca experts share a little more on this?


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    Melaleuca products have too many chemicals in them for me. I use only whole food vitamins and whole food protein shakes,

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    I’m a Shaklee Dis.since 10/2011.I love their products but,I’m havinga hard time recruiting people because the prices of shaklee are pricey.People can’t afford it .I was thinking about looking into Melalueca instead because it’s more affordable.Any feed back would be helpful .Thanks,Sandy

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      Hey there Sandy, although I dont want to get into the discussion on this board because it seems there are a lot of uneducated comments., I would be more than happy to show you some more information on melaleuca if you are still interested in comparing the differences for your self

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    Method of melaleuca will only end with more poorer people.but , i won’t make any comment on product. Only God knows. think with God wisdom . not man foolishess. Open with God ways , not man. Shaklee had fulfill what God want. just that simple.

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    actually the proper comparison,

    Melaleuca: melamagic allpurpose cleaner Concentrate 16fl oz $5.69 makes 32 gallons = $.17 per gal

    Shaklee: Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate. 16fl.oz. $12.50 – makes 48 gallons = $.26 per gal

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    Whoever wrote this didn’t do their due diligence and research the facts. Melaleuca is NOT a MLM and theyre NOT “distributers.” They do NOT have a “downline” and they are residual income, ongoing true monthly income. Melaleuca has a documented 95% reorder rate, I’d love to know Shaklee’s. People order what they really NEED, and they don’t mark product up, everyone no matter what your level (whether you are just a consumer or whether you actually refer customers and generate income) pays the SAME. Harvard business school is studying this model of business currently and they are the FIRST EVER Consumer Direct Marketing Company worldwide. Pretty cool.

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    PS Melaleuca preferred customers pay $5.67 for the cleaning products (which have no child safety caps because they’re already safe–no child has ever been poisoned by a Melaleca product) and they make 4-6 full sized spray bottles. Melaleuca hit over ONE BILLION in annual sales last year, what was Shaklee’s. Just curious. Melaleuca surpassed total sales of Mary Kay and AMway this year too, and they’ve been around half the time. Their products work, they speak for themselves. “The truth is always good enough.” – Frank Vandersloot, CEO of Melaleuca

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    Ok, I am actually looking for a comparison of products, but I want to make 3 statements

    1) My dad sold melaleuca in the 80’s when the company was new. It was DEFINITELY an MLM “buy the products, get your clients to buy them from you, and get them to be a distributor with a downline to REALLY increase your profits.

    2) While the internet allows the ability to cut out the need for me to buy FROM my friend and her carry products, it still has downlines and uplines. Yes I don’t have to sell it to buy it. But it is indeed a MLM when it comes to working it like a business and earning money.

    3) My husband and I recently signed up for Melaleuca because our friend presented it to us as an “all natural ” company. But the more and more I purchase these products I am disappointed in the ingredients labels. In the laundry detergent specifically I called to see about the ingredients. They said they could not tell me, and the only thing she could say for sure was that the FDA would not allow them to use the “non-toxic” label on their products (which would mean to me that they do have toxins in them. Which they will not admit to me)

    I see on Shaklee’s website their products ARE listed as “non-toxic” “natural” or “chemical free” Melaleuca can not make that claim. Makes me wonder what they are NOT telling me is in that laundry detergent, and better than Store brands? I dunno. No one will tell me.

    I am not looking to make money, I just want the safest products for my family. And so far I am not impressed with Melaleuca.

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      Angel, I’m with you on wanting the safest products and recently found Essante Organics. They are 100% Organic and 100% Chemical-Free. They were just awarded the Chemical Free seal of approval from the ToxicFree Foundation for their entire product line of weight loss, personal care, anti-aging, home and now baby products. This seal has only been awarded to 3 companies worldwide. Oh yeah their compensation plan blows away everyone elses as well. Check it out at essanteorganics.com/cr. If interested or have questions feel free to contact me at moc.l1521497394iamg@1521497394retue1521497394ryc1521497394

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      Dear Angel,

      Would you take a look at my Fan Page listed above. I am involved with Shaklee. I am doing my best to build my fan page. Please go there and look around and if you like what you see, please “like” it.



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    First, I want to comment to Angel’s post of 4/21/12. You can find all the product information on each of your Melaleuca products right on line, there are product labels and ingredient labels you can pull up before you even make a purchase. The other thing I wanted to point out is the fact that Melaleuca’s cleaning products to not have child proof caps on them, you better believe that the FDA would not approve that if they weren’t in fact very safe. I’m not sure who your enroller is, but you really should be contacting them or Melaleuca with your concerns about how safe the products are, etc. All of Melaleuca’s products are not “all-natural”, however, many of them are. Those that aren’t are the best of science and nature formulated.

    If you are concerned about MLM’s vs Consumer Direct Marketing, these twelve success factors should help you when making your decision between Melaleuca and other MLM companies. Look for these qualities when deciding on going into business for yourself.

    12 Success Factors:
    1. Company Track Record
    2. Financially Sound
    3. Strong Management
    4. Product or service is highly consumable to all
    5. Competitive Pricing
    6. Low Personal Production Requirement
    7. High Reorder Rate
    8. Low Entry Fee
    9. Low Attrition
    10. Timing
    11. No Breakaways
    12. Risk Free
    Which one of these 12 points would you take off the list and still invest your money, time and reputation? Are you looking for the next one or the last one?

    Please feel free to contact me with any other questions or concerns, I would love to help you figure them out or at least send you in the right direction for the answers that you are looking for.

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    My husband and I have been Melaleuca customers for over 20 years. We have used their vitamins and many of the supplements all that time. We use, not all, but a full range of of other Melaleuca products monthly as well. My husband is 91 years old and I am 71. We go to a Senior Fit class three times a week. In addition I go to a Senior Tap class weekly. We just bought a new travel trailer and will be full time on the road starting this June. Not only do we like their products, but as perfered customers we are able to shop at the lower preferred customer level and receive reward $ on everything we buy. I save these reward $ and use them to purchase birthday and Christmas gifts for family and friends. Melaleua had their first $1 Billion in annual sales this past year.

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    Ive been shopping for the best network marketing company,that is best for my family,im not big on retailing, so melaleuca seems to be a a goo choice, the only thing is, i dont see any water filters, and they dont have a turnkey marketing system, so id have to go shop for one,and theres a lot of them out there, so hmmm……

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      Chris I would love to share more information about Shaklee with you!

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      Hi Chris,
      I would love to share all of the information with you in regards to Melaleuca. Before you decide on anything you should see an entire overview. There are many benefits to being a customer and over 20 income streams to the business. It is Consumer Direct Marketing at it’s finest.

      I love the fact that I don’t inventory product, sell product, I refer others to shop wholesale.

      Send me a message with your number and a good time to reach you and we can get something set up for you to take a look at.

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    I’ve been using Melalueca products especially the supplements for nearly a year and I find it very good as it improves my overall health. However, I am quite dissappointed after knowing that Phytomega is not being certified as a Halal supplement as I know that it is one of the best that Melalueca offers. I hope the R&D of Melalueca could make a change from the use of bovine softgel to veg. softgel. Really look forward to the good news!

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    how much testing is done on melaleuca products and have they been publish in peer reviews?

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      Melaleuca does extensive research and testing on their products, this is where the “advertising” dollars like most other companies use go in Melaleuca, for our R&D and testing. Call Melaleuca and ask to discuss that with someone. 1-800-262-0600.

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    A friend of mine has been trying to sell me skaklee products for two years now. I always felt uneasy about spending that much money on a product without finding out about them (aside from their own personal advertisements). is it really worth it? Am I gonna get ripped off. I’ve always pretty much believed in life usually you get what you pay for…although that doesn’t apply to everything. After reading about all this MLM stuff, ( I love reading real people’s feedback on sites like this THANX so much) I am officially turned off. There really is no company out there that the bottom line really truly is the bottom dollar amount. Its about making money. I”m gonna invest in a expensive juicer and buy some organic veggies and fruits and make my own vitamins. I don’t need to give my hard earned money away to some company and I certainly rather spend my time juicing than annoying my neighbors about vitamins. Natural is always best and you can’t get any more natural that juicing it up and actually consuming it while it is still alive and fresh rather than taking some powdered pill. I feel like all these companies are just like all the other pharmacy companies out there they just don’t put annoying advertisements on tv. I’d just like to state this is just my opinion…everyone is entitled to have one. Thanks everyone

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    Hello Judy Milla,

    Thanks for your comparison of Melaleuca Vs. Shaklee. Yes, I agree with you in that both are MLM companies. I did not read every response to your article but 2 stand out. One of them says that you are spreading lies. I disagree with that gentleman. I personally was a Melaleuca distributor at one time. In fact, I still have the Melaleuca kit and the explanation of how their marketing works. So, sir, come on. Melaleuca is an MLM company. (The direct to consumer is part of part of MLM. I do not believe you if you say you never speak to your friends and give them a testimony of how great Melaleuca products are. All companies work the same way, regardless whether you are involved with Melaleuca or HerbLife or Shaklee. Same thing). I strongly suggest that you read your kit of how to develop the business. This comment goes for the lady also who thinks that MLM is a bad thing. It is not a bad thing. She does say it that way but the way she says that Melaleuca is an MLM is not because a lady says that it is. (She is implying MLM is bad.) Come one. Who said that MLM is bad? It is not. It is way to earn some money and if you are good to excellent salesperson you will earn a living that way. What is wrong with that? Regarding Melaleuca, I did like it very much. I left them because I did not make money but Melaleuca as far as I know is an excellent company. I did like it better when it was a much smaller company.

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    I would just like to say I have been with both companies. Melaleuca and Shaklee. The only reason I left Melaleuca is because I found it challenging to retain my customers to continue doing the 35 product points a month. (perhaps a training issue) The products are awesome and they work I would like to also say I Made Money with Melaleuca Every Month!!!! Since I have been with Shaklee I have made NOTHING and I found it much more challenging to do Shaklee as a business. Now I do like the Shaklee products much better than Melaleuca which is why I am still a current shaklee user but if you want to really make money go with Melaleuca you still will be using great products and the business opportunity is the best out there when it comes to working a wellness company! That’s my two cents!

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    I would just like to say I have been with both companies. Melaleuca and Shaklee. The only reason I left Melaleuca is because I found it challenging to retain my customers to continue doing the 35 product points a month. (perhaps a training issue) The products are awesome and they work. I would like to also say I Made Money with Melaleuca Every Month!!!! Since I have been with Shaklee I have made NOTHING and I found it much more challenging to do Shaklee as a business. Now I do like the Shaklee products much better than Melaleuca which is why I am still a current shaklee user but if you want to really make money go with Melaleuca you still will be using great products and the business opportunity is the best out there when it comes to working a wellness company! That’s my two cents!

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    The only problem that I am having with Melaleuca is that Frank Vandersloot, the CEO, is a known for his anti-gay politics. He tried to run a PR campaign against this thought but actions speak way louder than words–use of his call centers to promote anti-gay legislation, donations to advertise against gay people. It’s too bad because I really like everything else about Melaleuca.

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      Then work from within to change it. I believe there are gay people who partner w/ Melaleuca. It’s Frank’s company, and he built a great one, but you are who/what you are and he doesn’t have the power to change that. If you like the company and the products, work with them. I don’t particularly care for Frank’s politics, but he’s still a good man. And very smart to do what he has done and gotten where he is now.

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    After reading this article and all the comments, it seems like Melaleuca came out on top. What Melaleuca had done in 27 years no other MLM company has done in their whole existance. Put everything aside. Melaleuca is the proven company to enhance lives and enhance their builder’s financial situation. Anyone who wants to SERIOUSLY build a home-base business of a life-time knows it is Melaleuca. No other companies come close to Melaleuca’s compensation plan, mission statement, culture, and their success.

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    I would live to hear success stories for either Shaklee or Melaleuca. I’m interested in the products and working for them. I just can’t make a decision. I want my decision to be correct the first time around. Any feedback would be helpful.

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      Have you actually seen an Melaleuca overview? If so, my suggestion is to speak with the person that invited you to see it and speak with him/her and their team to get some facts, testimony and the like.

      I work a Melaleuca business very part time, aside from my FT job and the reason I do is because I am a customer of these products for life, I have totally switched my home over to these wonderful products and both my hubby and I take the Vitality 6 and Total vitamins. I figure if I’m going to be a customer, why not talk to people about these great products and refer them to shop?

      Melaleuca has JIT Just in Time Manufacturing, which means larger savings for the consumer and fresher products. It totally makes sense for me to switch from my “other” store for these products and shop with Melaleuca. If Melaleuca offers it, I purchase from them and the monthly 35 points has never been an issue over the past 3-1/2 years.

      If you have not seen a complete overview, contact me and I can get you on a webcast so you can see for yourself how great the company and the products are for yourself.

      Have a blessed day!

  36. avatar

    Not from a business standpoint, but as a consumer, Shaklee wins out for me. I liked my Melaleuca products, but to have to buy $35 a month of products to maintain my membership status really became a burden. I was told how much money I would save with their super-concentrated products, but then I ended up having to buy things I didn’t need to maintain my membership. I did like Melaleuca’s wider variety of products, but I also find that what Shaklee does offer works better. Melaleuca does not have anything that works as good as Shaklee’s Scour Off.

  37. avatar

    I read each and everyone of these comments. Some of the Shaklee info was true some false. Some was corrected by others. My opinion about the other company is I have none.
    What I can tell you about Shaklee is that I thank God my parents were introduced to it in 1979. I joined in 1980 (I was 23 just married, and had a 2mo. old). I tried doing the business and made it to, what it was called back in the 80’s, a supervisor. But with raising 5 kids it was tough. I kept my downline and they helped me, in two ways, to make enough money to pay for my own supplements which, is still by the way, the way you make money, #1 the price differential, and #2 each bonus check you make a month depending on the PV level you reach (which is derived by a total of PointValue that you and others in your downline have purchased through you or through Shaklee direct)The quality and efficacy Shaklee sets their standards by since 1956 is beyond beyond. A product is taken off the market if EVEN IF ONE ingredient of a product does not meet there requirements.
    Those 5 kids I raised all took supplements and protein. I use(d) Shaklee cleaning and laundry products, personal care products ,i.e. Meadow Blend which was not a soap but a liquid cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, and face products, I tell you this because IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE between using chemical, synthetic, toxic, perfumed, items on your body and your childrens body. Beside what you put in your mouth, what you put on your skin and what you inhale can also be detrimental to your health. I NEVER WORRIED ABOUT THIS RAISING MY CHILDREN.Shaklee always guaranteed that there products are and were 100% safe and natural.
    As a result 33 years later, my kids had no stomach issues, allergies, breathing problems, many had perfect years of 100% attendance and the Dr. only saw my kids at K,5th,& H.S. admissions time. Now that’s what I call AWESOME! How many can say that!
    So if you are considering making your life/health better come over to Shaklee. People say that Shaklee is expensive. I say it depends on your perspective. Look at your shoes, your nails, your clothes, your cars, stereo systems, stupid-phones, gaming systems, TV’s and number of how many you have, lap tops, house decor, tattoos, piercings, and all the other material items you own, Your shoes will wear out, your nails will break, your clothes will shrink,your car will rust, your phone will die, your computer will be outdated in a year, you’ll get bored with your deco’s, your tattoos will fade, and your piercings will stretch, .
    You’ve spent all that money on materialistic items that last a short span of time, while your health will last a lifetime, I’m 57 today, gramma of 3 and haven’t had the need to see a doctor since the birth of my last child in 1990. I could run rings around people half my age. Is Shaklee expensive? …… No…….. I’m worth it!

  38. avatar

    Hi! Your facts are not really correct on the Shaklee side in several areas, I dont know about melaleuca. My comment is show me the science, I know where to find all of shaklee’s science and it is peer reviewed and 3rd party tested (its not just marketing to get sales) Also, show me the actual compensation plan and what actual people are making. MLM is a great business but there are a lot of false claims out there.

  39. avatar

    I grew up on Shaklee products and they were great. My mom had a good Shaklee business but she did have to buy a lot of inventory to maintain her status. We had a LOT of inventory in our basement over the years but she also gave all of her kids free products, even when we married and started our own families! Bonus! She made us all distributors but not one of us ever sold a thing…too expensive. Loved the products, but when she was no longer able to do her business due to age and health issues, not one of us kids continued buying Shaklee. When I stopped using the Shaklee products in our home I started a chronic cough that lasted for 6 years. I went through every medical test offered to try to track down the reason for my endless, debilitating cough. No doctor could find a cause. In Oct. 2011 I came across Melaleuca and thought the products sounded a lot like Shaklee products but were a good bit cheaper. I became a Preferred Customer with Melaleuca (I purchase 35 product points a month – about $50-$60) and LOVE the products. After changing out my store-bought products with my Melaleuca products, my cough disappeared after only a few months back on natural products. Therefore, having used both companies’ products and knowing both compensation plans VERY well, Melaleuca and Shaklee are very comparable in product, in concentration of product, and quality of product. Melaleuca wins – hands down – in price and compensation plan.

  40. avatar

    It is impossible to compare Shaklee with Melaleuca. As Dr. Shaklee always said, “Don’t pick on the competition, they are doing the best that they can.” I don’t think that Shaklee is intimated by Melaleuca so Melaleuca should sell their products based on the products merits and not on comparing them with the largest and oldest natural nutritional company in the United States. When I first became involved Shaklee 20 plus years ago, everyone asked me if it was like Amway. I didn’t slam Amway, I sold Shaklee. Take heed Melaleuca distributors. There are enough customers for all of us. Be respectful and do not slam your competition, especially without the facts. It never works.

    1. avatar

      Amen to you Ms. Balamucki!

  41. avatar

    This is my first time to use Melaleuca products. It need time to test.

  42. avatar

    There’s a company that just launched in January that has both of these companies beat. The products are Certified Toxic Free, Organic, and Ecocert. The company also pays customers 10% of all sales from referrals. The company is full disclosure which means every single ingredient in every product is on the label, and rated at the safest levels according to the Environmental Working Group. Amazing compensation plan as well. They pay their reps 9 different ways.

  43. avatar

    Shaklee is the cheapest! As a member of Shaklee, whether a consumer or a distributor, you do not carry any product stock. As with Melaleuca, one simply refers their clients to their website. Shaklee has a “one time” membership fee for life, unlike Melaleucas annual fee. Shaklee does not require you to purchase anything on a monthly basis, as Melaleuca does. Shaklee also has cheaper shipping and handling fees, auto ship with an extra 10% off discount, nor does Shaklee have a questionable past as Melaleuca. The FDA has slapped the hands of Melaleuca numerous times over false product claims. In closing, Shaklee also has concentrated products just like Melaleuca. Shaklee is clearly the winner here. No annual fee, no sales of purchase requirements, no stock on hand to sit at home and collect dust, lower shipping charges, and they will even refund your money immediately if your unhappy with a product and will not require you to send it back!

  44. avatar

    I have to agree with Trenton! Shaklee is the better choice. No annual fee. No need to carry stock. No monthly purchase requirements. Lower shipping costs. Auto ship with an extra discount if you so wish.

    Melaleuca has an annual fee. You’re required place a minimum 35 point order every month. The shipping charges are exhorbitant. Yes, you may delay your membership up to six months, but why? If you didn’t have to place a product order every month this would not be necessary.

    Shaklee is clearly the right choice for me! Both companies are MLM’s and there’s no doubt about it! If they weren’t, they would not belong to the Direct Sellers Association.

  45. avatar

    I’ve been a member of both companies for the past five years. They are very comparable, to say the least. However, I have been reading all of the above claims that Melaleuca is not an MLM. It most certainly is! If you are referring an individual to a site or company and you are earning a commission, then it most certainly is an MLM company. Consumer Direct Sales is simply another term for an MLM business.

    Shaklee offers the advantage of:

    1) No Annual Fee – $19.95 for a Lifetime Membership
    2) Affordable Shipping Charges
    3) FREE Business or Member Website
    4) If you wish to sell the product, sell it, if not don’t!
    5) Excellent Customer Service and Return Policy
    6) NO Monthly sales or purchase requirements…Period!
    7) Easy, Quick and Simple Membership Sign Up Process

    Melaleuca offer the advantage of:

    1) Low Annual Fee – $29.95 to Join, then $12 thereafter on anniversary date
    2) Free Catalogs and Sales Flyers
    3) Great Customer Service
    4) Other Discounts

    I use both product ranges and enjoy them. My only complaint about Melaleuca are the false claims that they occasionally make about their products and secondly, the requirement of having to order 35 points minimum of product each and every month. Some months a person simply does not need a thing.

  46. avatar

    This article is biased against Shaklee and toward Melaleuca. The author repeatedly comments that both companies seem to be evenly matched, but there are so many inaccuracies about Shaklee. Some are either no longer correct, e.g. Shaklee now has member direct ordering, so there is no need for an independent distributor to carry an inventory. Some are simply misleading, e.g. only referring to the cost of a bottle of Basic H2, without explaining how much cleaner you make by adding your own water (or that depending on the “recipe” you use, whether you make window cleaner, household cleaner, or degreaser). Because Shaklee household products ARE super concentrated, which is called out as an asset for Melaleuca, but IMPLIED to not be true about Shaklee.

    There are a lot of implications in this article about Shaklee – implications to the negative. While the author also omits the information that others here have shared that I personally would view as a negative about Melaleuca, e.g. a $35 monthly minimum purchase, just to maintain consumer-level membership.

    This article is biased, though pretending not to be. To the author, SHAME on you!

  47. avatar

    I am still using Shaklee and still very happy. Back in 2012 I said I was making no money with Shaklee and a received a check from Melaleuca every month. That is the only thing i miss about Melaleuca. Well I do get a check from shaklee is it every month, NO but I get a check. But I stay with Shaklee because the products work and they are safe. I still love Shaklee’s products much better than Melaleuca. After I was with Melaleuca for 5 years prior to Shaklee I did get a chemical burn from the tough and tender not being rinsed out of my bath tube well. They may not have safe caps but I would not bank on that the products of Melaleuca being totally safe.

    Bottom line if you are looking to make money quick with a easy delivery method of showing the opportunity go with Melaleuca you will make money. But if your concern is products that are always safe, always work and always guaranteed but you may have to work a little harder to make income go with Shaklee. In the end you will be so much happier with Shaklee as your choice.

  48. avatar

    Your information for Shaklee especially concerning the business is absolutely incorrect, there are other errors too. Implicating a very strong bias for Mealeuca…your homework was not done. as the above statement states…SHAME on you!

  49. avatar

    After reading through some of your research, I have to say that I am finding a few things in this blog that are totally not true!!

    1. Shaklee does NOT require any distributor to purchase a certain amount each month, as Melaleuca does.

    2. Shaklee does NOT require a distributor to buy upfront and then resell the product! Distributors sign up preferred customers, just as Melaleuca does. The only difference is that the Shaklee customers do not have to commit to a certain amount of purchases each month.

    Very disappointed in your research! I found way too many inaccuracies in this report! I use both companies for different products. I love products from both of them! I am not biased either way. I just feel like if you are going to report something, make sure what you are reporting is FACT.

  50. avatar

    If you have not heard about Shaklee’s Landmark Study, I would suggest you look it up. It was done by a THIRD party (not their own study) with blood draws. They had NO control over what the results would be, they only had enough faith in their products to put themselves out there. Blood doesn’t lie. The results were all in Shaklee’s favor. The amount of PEER reviewed journals, third party testing and quality testing far outweighs any other company. It is all documented and can be found by anyone who looks. Shaklee’s prices may be higher because of the quality they hold themselves to. (Shaklee used European standards to produce Basic G-germicide because they are more stringent than American standards). I think what it boils down to is how concerned are you (really) about what you are putting in your body. Much of the “facts” stated in the original article and responses are simply inaccurate. Do your research and know what it is that you are looking for. When you say “study” did they company pay for it? Is it an unbiased third party? We know that stats can be slanted to accomodate the company in control, that’s why I look for unbiased reports.

  51. avatar

    I’ve been working with Melaleuca for about 7 months but have been interested in joining them for over two and a half years. I LOVE Melaleuca. I love the products. I love the customer service. I love my business partner(s). I love everything about it. I feel that the article has some inaccuracies about both companies. I’m not here to bash Shaklee. I think they are a great company. I found out about them a few months ago from a client of mine. He’s been with Shaklee for 15 years. He only has wonderful things to say about the company. I only have wonderful things to say about Melaleuca. I think both companies are great and the fact that we’re even arguing over it is insane because there are companies out there like Johnson & Johnson, Baby Magic, etc… who claim they’re selling safe products for our kids when in reality those products all have cancer causing chemicals in them. Seriously? We should find out why the FDA is approving their products!!! It’s sickening.

  52. avatar

    I am so glad I read all these comments. Sometimes we need to be reminded…. I was a member of Melaleuca in the early 80’s. I was looking for a business but more importantly, Health. I worked all the time. I sold with so many different companies it is sad. As my health failed and my asthma got worse, I moved next door to the Shaklee lady. I refused to talk to her and managed to avoid her my first year there. I was having a nervous breakdown and I had no energy to avoid her. I tried the products to shut her up. I was so amazed at how I felt on the nutrition products. Quickly! After so many years of trying to improve my health, I finally found the right fit for me. I do not have inventory. I order Shaklee every month. I had a friend sign me up for Melaleuca again. Every month, I order 35 points. It costs me a minimum of $54. I order the Convenience Certificates. (That is what you get so you do not have to order) Now I have $529.90 in Certificates to spend. I do not want to order a product that will harm me again. I already know the fragrances are too strong for me. So that is how I got here. Shaklee wins for me again!

  53. avatar

    I completely agree with Lisa Mittan. I have been with Shaklee since 1970 and the information you put out is so dated or incorrect that it is mostly worthless when using it as a comparison.

    Shaklee does not test on animals because they only use ingredients that are safe. They also do not let their suppliers do the testing for them so they can say they don’t do it.

    No one has to buy an inventory and hope they can sell it. All orders can be placed at the time of ordering directly and are shipped from the company unless someone wants to carry an inventory.

    Giving the amount of product in the bottle without stating how much that makes is misleading. Does the 16 oz size of the Melaleuca general cleaner make 48 GALLONS of all purpose cleaner? Basic H2 does.

    This is a blatant pitch for Melaleuca disguised as a comparison.

  54. avatar

    Melaleuca has legally established themselves as not being an MLM company. They do not fall into the legal definition of what constitutes an MLM company. Many will do their best to pigeonhole them as such but they simply are not. Perhaps the problem stems from the fact that Melaleuca STARTED as a typical MLM company but severed paths with that business model in 1989. They haven’t been able to shake that MLM designation since.

    Another VERY unique aspect to the company is that a person can earn an income and not buy a single product, nor does it cost a penny to get set up to do that. This again differentiates them from how MLM companies work. There is no front end loading of products with Melaleuca. So when you put it all together, there is no cost to start, no mandatory product purchases, and yet an income can be generated, that means there is absolutely no risk to even try the Melaleuca business.


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